Free to Stand on Our Own, Aquarius Full Moon, Saturn Direct, Venus rx Leo, August Tarotscope

Free to Stand on Our Own, Aquarius Full Moon, Saturn Direct, Venus rx Leo, August TarotscopeEmotions will gain priority this week as Luna continues to swell; gearing up for her Full Moon event, Friday July 31. As sensitivities bubble, we may want to ask ourselves: ‘what do I want’ and ‘what am I hoping for’ – especially as New Moon intentions prepare to peak.

The Full Moon will bring a spotlight to endings, letting go, and the truth. What remained hidden or in the dark, will most likely be uncovered. What we need, and where we’ve invested ourselves, will also be revealed. The Full Moon will be in the sign of friendly Aquarius, which will usually encourage a ‘cool, calm and collected’ approach, created through detachment and emotional distance. Some will feel the need to separate physically, for extra breathing room and feel like an individual again. Others will experience an awareness to emotional limitations, understanding independence without having to respond to chaotic vibrations of unexpected circumstances. Which change in direction feels right for you?

I wish they would only take me as I am. Vincent van Gogh

This can be useful insight with the recent Venus retrogradebut Venus will step away from hardworking Virgo, and re-enter flashy Leo again, on Friday, July 31. Venus rules values, love and money – so as this planet continues to ‘move in reverse’ in the weeks ahead – we can find ourselves slowly backing away from currently supported relationships or material/financial possessions. In this unbalanced cycle, we can use this teeter-tottering energy to redesign our values and what we need – by giving up or doing without, while considering what and how much we’re willing to give, or invest. With Venus retrograde through royal Leo, we need to shine, glitter and be number one again – the way it use to be. Without involving ourselves with the necessary work, Leo Venus energy can often rely on ego and entitlment instead.

As hearts strain to move in the opposite direction, some could reconcile and create peace with appreciation for current value… while some could keep on straying, where old flames still burn brightly from the past. With an active Mars in sidestepping Cancer, we may be driven to try some new dance moves; which may prove to be therapeutic for the heart.

Negotiation seems like dancing the Tango, two steps forward, two steps back and suddenly three surprising steps forward. Margot Wallstrom

Since March, we’ve been on this ‘cosmic break’, which purposely slowed down what we were trying to build with Saturn retrograde. And to make sure that we were genuinely in touch with reality, karmic Saturn re-entered transformative Scorpio – determined to rebuild how we stood, by making us emotionally accountable. In the last few months, we may have learned this, by receiving exactly what we deserved – to strengthen our footing. Now as Saturn stations direct on Sunday August 2, it will be time to get back to business – and to pick up where we last left off back in March, to build exactly what we need, in order to survive successfully in our world. Tarot insight: Something powerful happens when we do what we promised. KingWands/Sun

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Starcana Tarotscopes, Tarot Horoscope for Zodiac Sun SignsAugust Tarotscopes, A Tarot Horoscope

Starcana Tarotscopes is a horoscope created from the tarot. Each month, I concentrate on individual sun signs, then pull one tarot card for monthly insight. To provide you with some guidance, I’ve included a general tarot card interpretation… but if you’d like something more detailed and more personalized to your own life & situation, private sessions are available. If you know your astrological birth information, enhance this month’s message, with my ‘three card’ tarot spread…

  • Read your Ascendant/Rising sign, for what you know.
  • Read your Moon sign, for what challenges you.
  • Read your Sun sign, for what you are creating.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Tarot card insight: Two of Cups: Establishing a bond. Someone comes along and mirrors us. Agreements. Healing. On earth as it is in heaven. Matters of the Heart. Love. Partners in crime. Mi casa, es su casa. Celebration toast. Marriage between two strong forces. Romance. A new relationship. Marriage of the mind. Friendship. desire to have companionship. Two peas in a pod. Platonic friendships. Twosome. All’s fair. A new individual strikes your fancy. Partnership. Equality reigns. Harmony. Love connection. Blending opposites. Reunion. moving toward each other. Cooperation. Mutual understanding. Heart and soul. Nurturing. Differences are resolved. Teamwork. Someone is by my side. The missing ingredient. Reconciliation. Sexual attraction. Creating magic either personally, or professionally. Balance. Working together. Forgiveness. Having something to fight for. Emotional balance. Peaceful union. Connecting the dots. Sharing the gold. Happily ever after.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Tarot card insight: The Sun: Renewal of spirit. Joy returns. The answer is yes. Our inner light shines. We have control over our lives. Golden opportunities. Willpower to walk through life. Accomplishment. You find the pot of gold. Improvement in health. Successful rewards. Material happiness. What we have wanted, comes true. A happy marriage. A good partnership. Clear vision of where we are going. Attainment of your dreams. Playfulness is delivered. Pleasure of life returns. Seeing the good in things. Everything you touch turns to gold. Optimism. Believing in ourself, others, and in miracles. Bright ideas. Naive happiness. We accept the truth. Wisdom. Completely content and satisfied. No clouds are going to get in the way. A start of a clean slate. You reach your goal. You win the finish line. Blessings of wealth. You are free.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Tarot card insight: Hanged Man: Temporarily in suspension. All is on hold. Transition. Nothing moves forward or backwards. Life stops temporarily. Boredom. Spiritual awakenings. Too much time on your hands. Not ready to quite let go. Life is turned upside down. Passive behavior. Readjustment. Preparation of sacrifice. Cleansing. It’s totally out of your hands. See from a different perspective. Waiting. Regenerating. Visions. Insight. Healing. At peace with the stillness. Trust in higher sources. Rebirth. Everything happens for a reason.

CANCER (June 20-July 23) Tarot card insight: Queen of Cups: Inner guidance. Serenity is near. Motherly advice. Attracting sincerity. Calmness. Reaching out to another. A helping hand. Listen to your heart. Dreaming of a better way. Trusting loyalty. Solutions for love. Dedication. Love is all you need. Stillness in required. Romance. Gentle self-cleansing. Logic serves no purpose. Embracing sexuality. Wholeness. Healing. Caring. Disappearing in sleep and mediation. Heart on a sleeve. Scars mend. Inner movement on firm ground. Natural alternatives. Receiving a better understanding. Be vulnerable.

LEO (July 23-August 22) Tarot card insight: Page of Cups: Flexible emotions. Passion of the heart returns. Serenity received. Calm is offered. Compassionate soul comes along to help. Being able to smile and relax. Forgiveness. Moving past blocks. A friend arrives. Flowing forward again. Loyalty offered. Positive blend. Display of kindness. Reflectiveness. Love. The heart speaks. Generosity. Giving of ourselves. Reaching out. Someone from past returns. Balance for the soul.

Happy birthday! VIRGO (August 22-September 23) Tarot card insight: The Magician: Self-reliance. Individuality. Ability to talk the talk. Strength in communications. Everyone is listening and paying attention. Originality rules. Take the initiative. Creativity. Capability to achieve goals. Imagination. Talents are useful. Grasping the potential. Quick thinking. Opportunities for natural skills to come alive. Knowledge is the key. A bridge is created for balance. Trusting a divine guide. Leave nothing unturned. Handful of elements. Thoughts  manifest. Words have power. Be magnificent. As above, so below. Competent. Outer and inner world harmonize. Charming and friendly demeanor. Entertaining the audience. Believe. Make it happen.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)  Tarot card insight: Page of Wands: A journey awaits. Overwhelmed with energy. A need to act. Jittery. Can’t sit still. Find creative sources to move forward. Sudden life change. Advancing into the unknown. Faithful. Discover a new direction. Relocating. A new friend. Travel companion. Energy sparks a brilliant idea. A trip. Successful endeavor. Insight illuminated. Favorable shift. Loyalty. Much needed vacation. Fun. Enthusiasm. Climbing the ladder. An admirer. Dealing with emotions. Facing fears. Courageous risk. Taking the first step. Burning memories. Delivering on good intentions. Child-like vitality. Naive eagerness. Daring. Fresh optimism. A lucky break. Create a new passion.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)  Tarot card insight: Ace of Wands: A new beginning. Ready to climb hills for your goals. Passion for life again. Fresh start in a new direction. Creation. An energy burst. A new project. Developing an invention. Fortune. Starting an enterprise. You gain much now. Trying a new road in life. Inheritance. Going after what you are looking for. Fighting for what you believe in. Becoming a traveler. Self-discovery. Work becomes important. Having a new motto in life. Starting a new life. Taking action. “I’ve got to be me”. Genuine in your pursuits. Taking your own path.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Tarot card insight: Four of Cups: Search for understanding. Turning away from others. Solitude. Overwhelming boredom. Self-searching. Self-study. Unconsciously asking for guidance from a higher source. Nowhere else to go. Therapeutic counsel. Opportunities in the horizon. Center. Nurturing the soul. Dissatisfied with lack of happiness. Questioning our motives. Requiring privacy. Taking it personally. Mending feelings. Given too much away. Feeling it slip from your fingers. Replenishing our own resources. Self-healing. Absorption of self. Introverted. Unavailable. A talk with God. Lost. The lights are on, but no one’s home.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)  Tarot card insight: The Chariot: Drive. Passion rises. Perseverance. Victory ahead. Movement. Change. I seek, therefore I find. Headed for your destination. Control of the reins. Willpower creates a shift. Journey. Listening as the heart speaks. No stopping. Energy protected. Holding onto dreams. Stability. Intuition leads. Vengeance. Acting on decisions. Escaping the past. Getting a good kick in the pants. Instincts react. Payback time. Winning the race. Assertion. Agreement. Proving you can.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Tarot card insight:  Four of Swords: Abandonment. Meditation. Finding another way. Prioritizing. A time for rest. Self-control. Healthy boundaries. Seclusion. Alternative thinking, Reflect. Anxiety. Retreat. Solitude. Mental rest. Replenishment. ‘Got NO time for that’. Only capable of so much of research. Collecting thoughts. Challenged. Putting it all together.

PISCES (February 19-March 20) Tarot card insight: Two of Pentacles: Duties. Responsibilities. Being Practical. Main Balance. Submitting to Work. Keeping the nose to the grindstone. Distractions can lead off-course. Playing by the rules. Focused. Determination. Financial promise. Every action has a reaction. Multi-tasking. Looking for a return. Work hard, Play hard. Wobbliness. Learning skills.

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  1. austin says

    geez that is quite the prognostication of late! this scorpio saturn retro destroyed me in the most brutal and necassary way ever. just unreal.
    Mere days after saturn started to retro my now x uber scorpio gf/bff got all wierd on me because i had the termity to say no to sex since she was being so rude/crazy. she showed me by hooking up with someone else a week later!(a leo @ that, i think theyre having problems already)
    totally devestated me and came to numerous realizations. she finally ended our entanglement of nearly two decades of on/off again(since jr high!). we were, and me especially i must admit, in a bad rutt of mediocrity.
    i am grateful for this cosmic lesson even though it was the harshest experience ive ever delt with.
    my trajectory is fundamentally changed and i have been liberated and awakened in profound ways.
    she killed/balanced my libido praise the lord! that thing was ridiculous. ive done numerous things ive been meaning to in short order. shaved my head under BOTH full moons.
    i fear nothing
    its just amazing really. a bit personal and not sure what it sounds like(as in im so special look @ what the universe did for ME!) but i had the craziest synchronocities ever. they were getting out of hand. im dreaming about BE HERE NOW. ive not read much along those particular “indian” lines actually and only have a cursorary knowledge of it and some of the renowned authors.
    well i mention to my good friend how i keep dreaming about asking people how to be here now(one just smiled, a gym teacher said to just do it over and over till you just are) and he freaks cuz he just bought a far out copy(og from the 60’s) of it @ a book sale! its helped immensely. COMPASSION IS THE WAY.
    Anyways quite the break up my maybe one day again lover and i had.
    fire and ice
    stupid/naive arrogant leo got hella stung by
    petulant and treachorous scorpio’s vag dagger! but my god did he need that poison/rx!!! both needed major transformation, realizations, endings and to finally know how much they loved each other even if it was in the worst way possible…
    leo/capri/sag(1980) vs. scorp/sag/capri(1981)
    quite the cosmia we had! a textbook example really!

    Such awesome insight and understanding you have suzie! im starting to get it myself but its hard to differentiate between thoughs and intuition sometimes. i def saw this coming. the fundamentals were not sound but this energy was the trigger and what it took to set us free…

    many many thanks. i will make a contribution to show my gratitude.

    your tarot spead was sick, once again!

  2. As always, thanks so much for the feedback Ausin – and good luck!

  3. shannnon says

    This is great– exactly what I need to hear this month… I’m a Leo born on Virgo cusp with a Libra Moon..

    You nailed it for Virgo & Libra this month..

    Wish me luck on my new teaching adventure … 😀

    Thank you Suzie..