Frequent Questions

Frequently asked questions, Starcana Readings

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask a free question? No, this is a professional service. Answering free questions, with conversation demands time and energy from me, my schedule, and my day. I share free information on my blog, which you may subscribe to for free, by clicking here.

Are readings/sessions recorded? Sorry, but no… I don’t use any sort of recordings during our private phone conversations. My business number is a land line… which allows me and my intuitive work to flow easily – and not be interrupted with technical issues and stray texts. My goal is to give you (and our energetic connection) 100% of my undivided attention. I stay pretty busy between my work, business and home – but perhaps I may look into expanding at a later time. At the moment, I still prefer to provide  a deep and intimate experience.

Are you psychic certified? Although I experience my own collection of psychic experiences, incoming energy, unexplained vibrations, foretelling dreams, unexpected paranormal vibes, special knowings, etc… I’ve never been ‘certified’. I’m a sensitive, an empath, clairaudient, and clairsentient – basically, a special knowledge. I tend to be ‘aware’ and ‘know’ of the surroundings, because of what I might ‘hear’, ‘feel’, ‘smell’, ‘envision’ and ‘experience’ in the quiet and unseen. ’Psychic energies’ come to me when they want to come, not when I make instant demands on them. When I am not distracted… the informational energy of sounds, images, and experiences are  always much easier to connect with, to interpret. I can not control what I receive at moment’s notice. It’s just not how it works (at least for me), which is the purpose of using the tools I use, to get more specicic. As a little sample (or proof) of what I ‘psychically’ experience, I log ‘times and dates’ of my intuitive experiences with earthquake predictions as I ‘feel’ and ‘experience’ them coming through. Behaving as a human ‘tuning fork’, you can check out my earthquake blog Earth Speaks.

Are you 100% accurate with your predictions and timing? I do not advertise or offer ‘accurate predictions’, because I already know that predictions also allow for illusions; often creating expectations and limitations. Because I believe in free will, I provide genuine options with intuitive guidance for real direction. My long-time clients are satisfied with what I have continued to provide them with – mentioning that I’m always right or on target. My goal is never about predicting and accuracy. My purpose is to help you through this very crucial moment in your life today…  NOT expecting you to sit and wait for what might happen six months. I believe that predicting encourages people to just sit and wait beside their calendar. Personally, I know what it feels like to sit and wait, and especially when the timing is off. So instead, I provide you solid confirmation of the accuracy of our connection. Again, I am a believer in free will, and the universal law of karma. My mission is to help guide you WITH the flow, rather than against it. I also want you to be aware of what is happening all around you – but also what is happening inside of you. I aim to empower you, so that you will be motivated and in control again, without depending on anyone else but yourself and inner source.

Can I call and talk with you about my latest updates? I’m not interested in a reading. I’m honored to be of service as your reader, listening board, personal confidant, spiritual advisor, mom, or best friend. But when I pick up to answer your call, it means that I am sacrificing time and energy from my own life and responsibilities… so that I can help you tend to yours. My time is not free, but you are welcome to purchase minutes for a short session, so that your latest news gets my complete and undivided attention, including my thoughts, insight, as well as advice to what you may not fully be aware of. If you don’t want to compensate my time, you may forward your updates to me in an email (for free), where I can read it at my own convenience. I get tons of email, so while I may read them – I don’t always have the time or energy to respond back to each and every one of them.

How do I get a phone reading? Just call my number, during working hours. I’ll kindly walk you through the rest.

Why did I reach your voicemail? As in any business, ‘when it rains, it pours’. When you reach my voicemail, I’m with another client. Try back in twenty minutes, and if my line is still busy, leave a message and request a call back.

But I’m afraid of being scammed and overcharged. You don’t know me, so that’s understandable. Internet shopping can still be a nervous experience. I can only encourage you to get to know me better first: Read my website, subscribe to my blog, follow and friend me on social networking. You should also check out my client testimonials page with original words from some customers. I’ve provided as much information that I can on my professional website – to give you assurance and positive declaration about my business ethics and integrity of my word.

How does your billing work? I accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Debit Bank Cards on my business merchant account. I also accept PayPal, with prepaid sessions. The required information that I need to process your card  is: birthdate, full name, card number, expiration date, three digit security code, billing address, phone number, and a valid email address. Information is always kept private, and never solicited or sold. Your card is authorized while you wait. Once the verification process is confirmed, your reading begins.

What exactly is a ‘billed session’? The readings, guidance, and so forth is free. What you are paying me for is, is my time. I provide a service that consists of ‘quality talk time’ with intelligent conversation. This ‘paid time’ may be used to get a reading, but it may also be used for practical advice from an outside source, spiritual guidance, friendly chit chat, nonjudgmental support of a sensitive matter, life mentoring, etc. Maybe all you need to do is vent, and require a listening ear. I can do that too.

What about ugly billing surprises that I always hear about? That’s not what you get here. My rates are stated clearly and upfront – for the main purpose of avoiding billing surprises. Drama like that would be just as much of a hassle for me, as it is for you. After your card is authorized and the billing is out of the way, the session begins, and it ends when you close the reading and conversation, by hanging up the phone. Easy as pie. ‘Talk time’ is what you are billed for, and I’m able to keep my rates fair, when this is respected. And while I do my best to keep an eye on the time and your money spent, I suggest that you do the same.

So you’re not going to request more money from me, to remove a curse? Nope, not at all. If I did that, I wouldn’t have lasted in business this long. Know that you do not have to worry about emptying your savings account with me because I do not claim to remove curses. I also don’t sell magical crystals or miracle trinkets that promise to fulfill your dreams.

So how long have you been in business? So far, for almost twenty years. Once upon a time, I wanted to be a full-time wife and mom, while working my own schedule, and writing my own paycheck. I left the corporate world and became a freelance graphic artist in 1995, and by 2002 the metaphysical world became a true calling in career direction. Starcana Inc is a legally registered business. If you are interested in building your own small business, I’m available for small business consulting and mentoring to help get you happening.

Are you actually any good? I am only the messenger, and make no claims on 100% accuracy – that’s not how it works. I let new customers and long-time loyal clients to be the judge of my insight and performance. Occasionally, I may go back and read testimonial comments when I need a little support in the work that I do.

What does ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ really mean? Since you actually pay for my ‘time’, I do not provide refunds when my time has been served. It wouldn’t be fair to me. Instead, I generously apply an automatic $10 discount to your first 15 minutes with me. This provides fairness for both me and the customer, so neither of us ‘gets ripped off’. (I might be pretty whacky at times, but I’m embedded with professionalism and integrity. So after  fifteen minutes with me, you can either close the reading, or continue with a longer session. Either way, you still get that ten dollars knocked off your total bill.

Can I get a receipt? Yep, just ask me for one before we get started.

Do you accept tips, personal gifts, donations, testimonials? Kindness and generosity are always appreciated.

My questions are pretty sensitive, as well as awkward and embarrassing. No problem, I’m here to listen, help, and guide.

Is there anything that you won’t talk about? I don’t engage in illegal topics, nor do I advise in medicine or legal issues because I am not professionally trained to do so. Instead, I provide 1-800-crisis numbers for convenience. Other than that, just be yourself and let’s talk. Considering my age, with a lifetime of mistakes and experience, including what I have already heard from others, I’m not easily shocked. Personal affairs and private secrets are my business.

I’m gay, is that a problem? Your sexuality, your color, your background and etc., are NEVER a problem.

Are you honest? YES. Probably too honest. I’m a Sagittarius/Leo Moon/Libra Ascendant. I’m blunt, yet compassionate. I promise to give it to you straight. Truth and honesty is my business – especially if I know it will HELP you.

I totally love my reading! Can I give you a testimonial? Yes, Yes, Yes. Send an email with your name, comment, and photo (which I’ll crop to fit). And thank you ahead of time.


‘I provide you with intuitive insight, that is seasoned with logic and my own special knowledge – for reasoning, encouragement, and true empowerment’. Starcana


Are you a witch, a demon, or an angel? I’m spiritually awake and very conscious of my own shite. I’m a humble servant of the earth and cosmos, and I create awareness for balance, healing, and love. What people choose to call and label me with, is none of my business. Been there, done that. I’m only a reflection of their heart.

Are psychic readings evil? No. Readings are conducted by people, and it is the heart of the reader that controls the intention, not the tools. ‘Unkind’ hearts help themselves. Kind hearts help others.  My goal is to help you to be your very best.

Do you believe in a God? Yes. I was raised Roman Catholic, but expanded my interest and philosophy into areas of wicca, paganism, hinduism, buddhism, and other forms of spirituality. I believe in a God and a Goddess, Buddha, Jesus, a Higher Power, Oneness, a Divine Source, and the Universe. I believe in the heavens, the cosmos, as well as equal rights for humans, animals, and nature. I believe in unity and balance, with kindness and respect. The divine love and the light in me, honors the divine light and love in you. Namaste.

Can I mail/email you some photos to help you with my reading? Absolutely.

Favorite Quote? If you’ve followed my daily Cosmic Dirt, you know I have zillions. But I do like, ‘In the end, only kindness matters’ by Jewel.

What should I know about you as my reader? I’m a creative visionary, and a soulful sensitive. Energy vibrations from outside influences can affect me (if I don’t protect myself), like the skies, weather, nature, and individuals. It’s wonderful for readings. And while I am ultra-friendly and outgoing, I also require much private and reclusive time of solitude to keep me in balance. Between a diagnosed of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in the early nineties, while dealing with some very mismanaged individuals – I’ve learned that time and energy are my greatest wealth.

Will I speak with you, or are you going to forward me to talk to someone else? This isn’t some large corporate office with mega-super prices or rotating dispatchers. This is my own small business that I’ve built from scratch, so I’m the only person who you will ever speak with for a personalized and intimate ‘one on one’ experience.

How can I get the most from my reading? You know.. ,more bang for the buck’? Awesome question! Be attentive. Listen to what you need to know, versus what you hope to hear. Take notes. Respect your budget. Use your time wisely. Write your questions down prior to the reading. If you are on a budget, ask burning questions right away. If time permits, specifics fit in afterwards.  Put work, driving, shopping, etc., on hold so that you are in the present moment when being read. Be responsible, keep track of your own time. Be mindful and respectful of your time – to be mindful and respectable of my time. Respect helps me to keep my rates fair and affordable for everyone.

I can’t decide which reading is best for me: phone, email, or in person. Can you help?  There is no difference in the way that I perform my readings, I always include my intuitive senses, tarot, astrology, energy vibrations, and whatever else I feel can help. As a person who is naturally sensitive, I do prefer the comforts of my own quiet surroundings, as it separates me from all other activity and distractions.

  • Phone readings offer a quality connection because there is more time for talk, more questions, and detailed explanations.
  • Email readings act more as a personalized keepsake. Written messages are a great way to refer back to the reading.
  • In-person readings provide an intimate ‘face to face’ connection with the two of us together.
  • Party readings are party entertainment. Party readings are kept light and friendly to fit the party mood. Happy. Happy.
  • As a reader, which do I prefer?  I really love my phone and email readings. They are convenient for both of us, while allowing me to work solely with the vibrations of the energy, along with my ability, and tools. I enjoy deep, intensive reads, where I can be of genuine help to encourage awareness and growth. As a sensitive, my work with the general public isn’t always understood in party situations – so distractions and disturbances will fill the energy with music, tv noises, loud voices, and unsettled energy from the moods of guests, and the actual location. At the same time, I do enjoy party reads, because they are a lot fun and get me out of the house. Party readings also can spook uneducated guests who label my Inner Goddess as a ‘devil worshipper’, ‘satan’s daughter’, ‘evil witch’, or that ‘crazy fortune teller’. Seriously? Don’t let me go all ‘crazy white girl’ on your arse…

I’m so ashamed to share my embarrassing issue with you. Been there, done that, which means I’m human and have made my own share of odd choices and mistakes too. I’m here to help, not intimidate or shame. No one’s life is perfect, including those who have been blessed with fame, money, beauty and power. We all have our own journey to grow from.

Why aren’t you more expensive? For many years, I was an independent contractor for the largest psychic hotlines. Desperate people paid four to six bucks a minute to talk with me. My goal as an independent service provider is not to rob people blind, but to give them a great reading, with a safe place to unload, AND to return to. Fair affordable rates work for both of us.

What is your specialty? Venus rules my chart as a Libra Ascendant, so general relationships, people, and love, are my specialties. Relations with another, or with yourself. I’ve enjoyed studying others as a people-watcher since I was a little girl, so I have an interest in individual personalities, patterns, with behavioral and psychological attributes. From families issues, marriage and dating questions, dealing with adolescents, sibling rivalry, friendships, co-workers, romances, secret affairs, interracial and gay relationships, etc. I enjoy matters of the heart, self-realization, spiritual growth, personal development, transformation, and going through change.

Can you give me a quick fix? No. You are the only person who can do that. No magical gypsy, celebrity psychic, spiritual hoodoo, friend, or family member has the power to control, or fix your life. I don’t sell magical crystals, special powders, spellbinding candles, etc to help you have control over others. I don’t demand that you return regularly for more costly readings. I will not tell you that I can heal your life and relationships for bundles of cash. I don’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you NEED to hear. Hocus-pocus and woo-woo are a lot of fun and illuminating on a personal level… but when it comes to solving real problems and healing, I work professionally with honesty, not trickery and false hope. In a very ‘down to earth’ style, I can show you how to work with the energy, to harmonize with the universe. I help to guide you to become more in-sync and understanding with your surroundings – so that you don’t need to rely on hundreds of psychic readings, or on me. Staying true and real is how I roll.

How often should I get a reading? It varies, depending on voluntary or involuntary shifts, as well as with your individual situation. Readings are generally good up to three, six, or twelve months. I also provide direction through mentoring, to help you find your way. I am not just a reader and talented interpreter, but I also work as a spiritual guide and life advisor. My goal is to help you to get through what you are dealing with, while  teaching you longterm self-maintenance.