Friday December 31 Horoscope

Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological HappeningsIt’s Friday December 31, Happy New Year’s Eve! We’re still a little sensitive with Scorpio Moon, so she’s going to encourage us to wear something protective to keep negativity at bay. As she squares sensitive sleepy Neptune in the afternoon, memories that were in past begin to float to the top. Luckily, Luna beautifully trines Adventurer Jupiter and Renegade Uranus, who will boost our dying hunger for a bigger and better change in our life. Later in the evening, she enters over-joyed Sagittarius and we decide to do as we please, knowing that everything is going to be alright. Take it easy tonight, as the speedster Sagittarius Moon wants to do everything SPONTANEOUSLY and BIG. Watch your choices regarding the booze, food intake, risky chances, entitlement, sharing your opinions, etc, as we could lose control ~ especially since we aren’t completely out of the boat despite Mercury’s recent station. Carelessness with quickstepped Sagittarius can cause sloppy mishaps. Otherwise, enjoy yourselves wholeheartedly and create a memorable and enchanting night! ‘Trust yourself… You know more than you think you do. Dr. Spock’. Tarot Insight [Nine of Cups rx/Ace of Wands] Give yourself permission to be happy.

On a personal note… let go and say good bye to 2010. Whether it was a year of emptiness or full progress, it doesn’t exist anymore. Carry nothing into your new year, except what you have learned, for tomorrow a new journey begins with a clean slate on life. Release attitudes, resentments, anger, and/or despair. As a little reminder, my tarot article about The Devil may give you some insight about what we bond ourselves too. Practice detaching, and move forward from the individuals or situations who have held you back from experiencing happiness. And just like death of anything in our lives, rather than mourning and grasping onto the pain and loss that we’ve endured ~ appreciate what you have experienced and learned about yourself , so that you can celebrate and utilize the knowledge received for many years to come. If you enjoy my writings, take advantage of the free subscription. May you and yours, have a safe and happy celebration, with a blessed and prosperous 2011. Peace out. Starcana