Fueling Up, Cancer Full Moon, Uranus Direct

Fueling Up, Cancer Full Moon, Uranus Direct - Cosmic Dirt Astrology

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Sun enters Capricorn. Sun (ego, identity) left easy come, easy go’ Sagittarius, and entered enterprising Capricorn yesterday on the Winter Solstice, Monday December 21. During the next four weeks, personal ambitions, responsibilities and careful footing is what will be leading us. And in this climb toward yearnings, these very same desires will also challenge our expectations, as well as our dedication and self-worth. So while the Sun will shine on our own inner strength and character, it will also shed light onto our darkest shadows; revealing attachments and weaknesses. With the friendly Venus/Jupiter sextile on Christmas Eve, Thursday December 24, the support that we’re hungry for has a much better chance of coming through for us.

Never stand begging for what you have the power to earn. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

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Cancer Full Moon. New Moon intentions will come to a peak as the Cancer Super Full Moon puts us in full bloom on Christmas Day, Friday December 25. Full Moon’s reflect a sacred light which displays the full truth, bringing endings and closure to a finished cycle. As we care for others (while not forgetting to self-nurture) on this celebrated day, we can get exactly what we hope for – thanks to the soothing vibrations from enchanting Neptune. As the Full Moon encourages us to shine and ‘let loose’ – end the madness – by releasing the song and lyrics that make your heart sing. We’ll get a helping hand  from Friday’s Mercury/Jupiter trine. And the more we are capable of sharing, the more we can create awareness, compassion and understanding.

We are meant to express how we feel about life. It’s like breathing: Inhale the experiences of life, exhale how you feel about them. We are at our best when we can turn our impressions into expressions. The equation goes like this: Impression without expression equals depression. Don Hahn

Uranus Direct.  Uranus (change, rebellion) will station direct on Christmas – so what has slowly been awakening within us during the past five months will unexpectedly spring loose in the weeks ahead, to independently take on a new individual shape… and direction. Tarot insight: Fearing maturity. NineSwords/EmperorRx

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  1. Thanks for this heads up, Suzi. I’m already starting to feel the intensity of this Full Moon. It’s mostly nice but also a bit ‘too deep’ for what I have time to process as I rush around trying to get everything ready for Christmas day… I’ll have to make sure I have time for me (that self-nurturing you were on about) to meditate, pray, contemplate and wrote (express)… Happy Holidays and Prosperous 2016! Love, Lisa

  2. You’re very welcome Lisa, wishing you & yours a prosperous and magical 2016!