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Healing from the Heart | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology Tarot and Spirituality Horoscope

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Good day friends! Before jumping too quickly toward our personal desires this week, we may want to consider a few moments of pause – in order to create a plan B, just in case things don’t go as planned. Intentions with persistence aim to get the job done right with a serious Mars/Saturn trine on Monday September 9. Yet, impatience and sloppiness could be experienced under the blurry Sun/Neptune opposition on Tuesday September 10, an overly aggressive Mars/Jupiter square on Thursday September 12, a conflicting Sun/Pluto trine on Friday September 13 and a somewhat discouraged Mars/Neptune opposition on Saturday September 14. Individual beliefs and faith may feel deeply challenged in the days ahead – or perhaps it has already begun. If we’re willing to pace ourselves and do the work, be certain of what is genuinely deserved, by what we’re willing sacrifice and do – to achieve it.

The greatest obstacle to true learning is the inability to say “I don’t know. Marty Rubin

As Mercury (thoughts, communications, journeys) and Venus (values, love, money) both exit from penny-pinching Virgo, and move into relatable Libra on Saturday September 14 – a change in perspective will allow a shift in what really matters. Instead of the focus being on ‘me’, it will gradually shift to ‘we’ with Mercury and Venus in Libra. With a common ground in connection, unity and what is good of all, an opportunity for gain can be provided over the next few weeks.

We’re all stumbling in the dark, and that makes for some pretty interesting collisions. Marty Rubin

Starcana weekly tarot insight: Grace fills an empty cup. [KingSwordsRx/AceCups]

Starcana Weekly Tarot: Grace fills an empty cup.

New Moon intentions peak, while insightful illuminations and a new level of truth are uncovered under the spiritual waters of the Pisces Full Moon on Saturday September 14. This energy is complimentary for being front stage with our needs. This is also a powerful vibration for washing away wrongs, forgiveness, acceptance, healing, release, endings and letting go. The ultimate sacrifice of the ego. Love is all you need. Starcana weekly tarot insight: Grace fills an empty cup. [KingSwordsRx/AceCups]. For more insight, check out your September Tarotscope.

On a personal note, me and my husband escaped a few days together and traveled to beautiful Virginia last weekend. We had a fabulous visit with my college buddy, longtime friend and soul sister – who surprised us with an amazing tour of Washington D.C.! Just thought I’d share a few pics. I hope that your Labor Day was enjoyable too, and that your September 11th may be peaceful, but never forgotten. Peace & love.  ~Suzi

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