Cosmic Dirt Horoscope, January 14, 2012, Hearts Magically Thaw, Venus enters Pisces

Starcana Daily Astrology, Cosmic Dirt HoroscopeVibrations shift as Moon exits from the safe grounds of Virgo, to let go into free-falling Libra. Emotionally, our safety net is set aside so that we may reach outside of our comfort zone. Our experiences are intellectualized under the Libra Moon, so we seek advice and information from other sources, other than from ourselves. Energy is favorable for socializing, decorating, creating peace, artistic pursuits, romantic connections, and creating inner balance.

After hibernating for several weeks in the frozen ice castles of Aquarius, Venus (values, love, and money) finally begins to thaw as she enters the gentle stream of Pisces. What may have been motionless, cold-hearted, and building distance… begins to display movement and inspiration. Hearts become inviting again as they warm up from the temporary deep freeze. As a cycle ends, this allows flexibility to be created. Barriers become magically nonexistent, which encourages healing. With forgiveness, passion is revived. In Pisces, we can run away from responsibilities and our reality. We are tempted with romance and imagination, and fall into the arms of our fantasies and dreams.

Venus in Pisces is magical, fun, and delicious. We want what we want, and do what we need to, to get it. We melt, we bleed, and we slowly transform ourselves. We can mold ourselves into something that we are not, in order to curb our inner craving. This is what happens when our ‘needs’ become enticed with the dream. Dark shadows of gluttony and greed can surface in Venus in Pisces. Deceit and manipulation can help us to get what we want, when laziness dominates. We can become easily seduced during the weeks ahead, because we want to simply trust what we feel. It’s important that I say to have fun during this period of enchantment, because it is sweet and gooey. Just remember, too much sugar has consequences. Don’t cheat yourself from some old-fashioned common sense to keep level-headed. Later this evening, kindness and appreciation spread like wildfire as Venus sextiles Jupiter. Magic expands and materializes. “Living is easy with eyes closed.” John Lennon. Tarot guidance from Six of Swords rx, Queen of Swords: We restrain ourselves and strategically plan our next move.

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