Heat of the Moment, Leo Full Moon

Leo Full MoonFiery, passionate cravings are being stirred as the Full Moon prepares to rise in fearless Leo on Tuesday February 3rd. Thoughts, feelings and intentions that were initiated and sparked on the Aquarius New Moon will reach its peak as the Leo Full Moon encourages us to come front stage, to radiate the needs of our heart.  What has been secretly brewing in the dark for the past two weeks, will be released, in order to reveal the answers and truth we’ve been seeking.

It was the heat of the moment, telling me what your heart meant. Asia

As the results of our hopes and dreams are bravely displayed beneath the Full Moon, the dramatic Leo Moon will be certain to heat up the office, the home and the bedroom. There’s a powerful urge that is rising to the surface, which feels a need to control, create and manage. One eye happens to be on the competition, while the other eye is focused on the trophy, but also the win.

In this hot lunar hunt, we’ll prey for what we’re most hungry for. This can range from a healthy appetite for sexual playfulness and romance, or an office game with friendly competition. The Leo Moon heightens confidence, making a good challenge an enjoyable pastime – which is bound to mirror and magnify a magnificent image.

In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined. Thomas Szasz

Animal and survival instincts are fair game, but a brave heart with honorable intentions are the raw ingredients that spell potential for success. If the Aquarius Sun and Mercury retrograde can be utilized correctly, unique solutions to ongoing issues can be successfully negotiated. By forfeiting the ego for a higher purpose and frequency – the spine and posture will be strengthened; which will beauty our image, and impress our loyal audience. And with the abundance and fortune that is found in this Jupiter/Leo transit, we should be aware that responses and reactions will be generously magnified. It’s much wiser to aim for a positive composure, especially under this grand cosmic spotlight.

The shadow side of this lunar energy craves more control and admiration for selfish desires. And like the quick reaction of a sore loser or untamed wildcat, there could be an unexpected pounce that loudly instigates a disrespect to boundaries.

I yelled back when I heard thunder. Creed

During the heat of the moment, as emotions and sensitivities are bound to flare instantly – we’ll either express our inner loving pussycat – or we’ll fearlessly uncage our feline ferociousness. And whether it’s a courageous purr or a thunderous roar – it’s a response to a basic essential – to eat, or to be eaten. Tarot insight from Chariotrx/Temperance: Poor judgment finds harmony.

Personal note: I’ve been laying low for the past two and a half weeks ::ugh:: with a crazy flu-like ‘thing’. And although I’m finally back on the mend, I’ve decided to temporarily suspend the monthly tarotscopes.

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  1. Starla says

    Oh… shame! I do love your monthly tarotscopes 🙁

  2. mary strange says

    Hey Suzi — So happy you are coming up from the Trough of Ugh — keep feeling better. Take care of your wild and tender self – you are muy importante. Thanks for all you do and share.

  3. Arielle says

    This is a great reading, I am with you on the flu thing, feel better, thx for the reading.

  4. thanks Starla, it’s a temporary thing. 🙂

  5. Thank you Arielle!

  6. You are always so kind Mary, I appreciate your beautiful soul.