Honor Your Strength, Control Your Direction with Tarot and Astrology

queen of wands, knight of swords tarotQuick View. Although I’ll share more in future writings, I thought I’d look at the rest of the month from a quick view. And while this is a month of giving, festivities, and cheer…  Sun and Mercury in partying Sagittarius will be moving into a new sign in a few weeks. They will enter hard-working Capricorn, which will encouraging our ego, thoughts, communications, and journeys to take a hard right, for a change our direction. In this turn, we’ll concentrate on our status, while looking for ways to build strength for longer-lasting results.

As Uranus stations direct next week, we’ll dare to display what we’ve discovered about ourselves in recent months. We’ll experiment with the new shine we’ve found, and bravely become the change that we’ve imagined. We’ll sparkle in a new light, making life and our happiness happen.

Then Venus, the planet of values, love, and money will station retrograde on December 21. What seemed so important, will begin to shift. We can lose sight of what we currently own, or lose appreciation for who we’re currently involved with. We can refrain from the typical enjoyments, in order to reconnect with the hidden hungers that have been previously embedded into our soul.

With this brief information, especially as we approach the new year coming up on us fast, I thought it might be a good time for us to sit and to listen to ourselves for a bit. Many of us are fast forwarding thoughts and ideas into a plan for next year, like ‘What do I want to accomplish in 2014, to become more healthy, confident, successful, happy, more peaceful… and so on. Then we drift a little deeper, imagining a new direction for our relationships, hopefully figuring out what we want to be when we grow up, along with many other hopeful commitments, and new year resolutions.

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence. Osho

Control Your Direction In this particular post, I thought that I might help, by helping you, to have a more prosperous new year. If I can share something good, maybe I can spread a little more goodness in the world. If you can grab a sheet of paper and something to write with, I will help you to create something amazingly brilliant for yourself.

  • Grab a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns.
  • Label the second column as TARGET
  • Under Target, write three of your most important goals to be accomplished in 2014 (be realistic).
  • Label the first column as THORN
  • Under Thorn, write three ‘outer’ distractions (people/situations) that sidetrack you from your ambitions.
  • Under Thorn, write three ‘inner’ spoilers (weaknesses/flaws) that can disturb your path to success.

You have created a list that now shows your actual target(s) for 2014. It also shows you what your true thorns are… and thorns need to be removed, isn’t that correct? So before we can excitedly jump forward to make our dreams come true for the new year, we must first remove the thorns that prick us off. This is your December ‘To-Do’ list.  Each thorn in the left-handed column should be handled appropriately, then scratched off your list, before approaching your target list. By doing this, you will successfully rid unnecessary attachments and excess baggage. This will help you to start your 2014 with new confidence, with clean slate. Plus, this will also allow us to properly bid farewell to 2013, but to also honor all that we have experienced and learned in the past year. Release, let go, rid, and scratch off.

Thorn & Target Tarot Throw For added interest (because I can VERY get off track between work, family, and goals), I enjoy throwing a few tarot cards to spark my inner fire. I thew two cards to give me more insight into what I need to know, in order to be successful with my own journey. One card represents ‘the thorn’, and another card for ‘the target’. The Queen of Wands presents herself as my thorn, letting me know that she’ll be a force with a purpose. She’s a well-respected lady, but she intends to be a royal thorn in my side. If I want to scratch her from my list, I must be extremely creative. She will skillfully challenge my strength, to see if I am capable of destroying that which limits me.

When I tackle my blocks, and win my battle with the Queen, I may move forward to work on my goals, represented by the Knight of Swords. He’s a bit more lighter in weight, more flexible than the Queen, but he’s tricky and charming. He’ll show me how to lighten my load, by being quick and alert. As I conquer my 2014 goals, I shall be rewarded with an honorable badge of sparkle, with a new sense of freedom to rise to higher locations. If you play along and would like to share your own results, just add them to the comments box below.

Tarot insight from Queen of Wands/Knight of Swords Honor your strength. Check out your tarot card in December Tarotscope.

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