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Honoring Our Spirit | Starcana Cosmic Dirt, Tarot Astrology Horoscope

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Intentions may feel a bit tested this week, between the irritable Mercury/Uranus opposition, a restrictive Sun/Saturn square on Monday October 7 – and the finicky Venus/Uranus opposition on Saturday October 12. An unexpected shift could be hard to resist, as overpowering winds aim to send us off into another direction. Stay mindful, in order to adjust accordingly as communications and the we relate with one another are uncomfortably challenged.

Indecision becomes decision with time. Anonymous

As we’re confronted with a surprising bump in the road this week, Venus will move from sweet Libra, into the dark, passionate waters of Scorpio on Tuesday October 8. Mouthwatering temptations will seduce our values, relationships and money situations over the next four weeks – gradually deepening and intensifying our personal desires. What is ultimately chosen to feast upon during Venus in Scorpio, will reveal where heartfelt emotions and genuine loyalties exist – and what we’re willing to sacrifice and give up on.

Our ultimate devotion is to be a reflection of a divine work that is continuously unfolding in our hearts. Andrena Sawyer

Hearts are full of promises and good vibrations under the warrior Aries Full Moon and confident Sun/Jupiter sextile on Sunday October 13. New Moon intentions will peak, while a new level of truth is uncovered in this brilliant light. What will be illuminated, is our willingness to honor and fight for our tribe. On the shadow side, fiery outbursts, arguments and bully behavior may be experienced when selfish interests become a priority. How will you dare to shine? Starcana weekly tarot insight: Fiercely determined to learn. [Strength/Empress]. Much love. ~Suzi

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