Horoscope December 18

Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius on Saturday December 18. We re-enter our past, where we can see old issues and/or people from our history creep back into our lives, leaving us with the ability to retrace our steps and hopefully get it right this time. This transit will enhance the clumsy ‘foot-in-the-mouth’ behavior that Sagittarius is popular for… but then he can be learned, seeking the higher path. Know and understand when to voice yourself, and when to ‘just keep your mouth shut’. Whatever approach we decide on will create our path to learn a karmic lesson. Moon will be shifting into Gemini, and we’re feeling free to whatever our little heart desires. We’ve managed to detach emotionally, and we’re ready to enjoy life, family, and friends. Socializing is our middle name right now, enjoy the rest of the year! You can expect the unusual, the freaky, and the electrifying with a Sun/Uranus square. Surprising attractions with unique and odd behavior can fall upon us. (Actually, it sounds like a fun night to go out and mingle!) Peace out, Starcana


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