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Hungry to Set Ourselves on Fire | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology and Tarot

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Last week’s fiery Leo New Moon/Solar Eclipse was the main cosmic event. Did you feel it’s burn? And if so, how are you experiencing it’s scorching effects? Sensitivities and feelings became intense, as well as magnified and chaotic. This energy will continue to sizzle over the next three to six months, helping to create major changes. The trine to Uranus stepped up to change the course of the game this time, lending  a hand to wake us from the life we’ve been leading. So as a little reminder, the lunar timing is ripe and encouraging for new beginnings, start-up projects, fresh emotions and/or a new approach to an ongoing issue.

Many have already experienced some form of deep core shifting, which can often result in a breakdown, a break-up and sometimes a breakthrough. As major transformations manifest, intense vibrational energies will continue to spill over. This leakage will move what has been decaying, so that it may be released for final ending and closures. And as Pluto retrograde prepares to station direct at the end of September – holding on won’t be much of an option anymore. What fails to nurture and rejuvenate our soul, will be purged and deeply transformed. This process could be a physical removal, or it might be a mental or emotional release of what has remained weighted and exhausting to our existence. Then when an old door closes, a new door will open; welcoming us to a brand new chapter. So wherever you are, on your current path; know that this is a fiery opportunity to experience a new level of truth, for self-discovery and freedom. May your awareness be heightened, that your heart can evolve onto a higher frequency.

Be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it. And if you get it, you might not know what to do with it, cause it might come back on you ten-fold. Eminem

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Along with last week’s solar eclipse, other cosmic events included the Sun entering analytical Virgo on Tuesday August 22 for the next four weeks, Saturn also stationed direct on Friday August 25, while Venus entered dramatic Leo on Saturday August 26. That’s a lot of change, which requires a lot of juggling, right? If you’ve felt that the energy has been moving you too, it would be a good time to ponder, asking ‘if you’re comfortable with this different direction’.

The Sun has shifted from expressive Leo and into mindful Virgo, leading us toward the route of work, service, health and wellbeing. With Mercury as Virgo’s ruler (who is currently retrograde), we still have an opportunity to pause and put it in reverse… so that we may review, re-analyze and re-correct ongoing issues; with improved verbal and listening skills for real solutions. If we can vow to take better care of ourselves; we then allow others to do the same. In aiming to fix ourselves, we can eventually discover where weaknesses had caused the crumble and fall. If we’ve done our homework during the last five months, restructuring the base of our foundation during Saturn retrograde, the path ahead should become clearer and easier – allowing us to get back to where we last left off before the retrograde, back in March.

When you blame others, you give up your power to change. Dr. Robert Anthony

It’s a tad quieter this week, which will allow a little of the scattered dust to settle from a busy last week. We’ll have another opportunity to re-gain a different perspective of how life got to be where it is today as Mercury retrograde re-enters fiery Leo (the last time it was experienced was during the first three weeks of July). And as previously written, ‘We should know that boldness comes in different levels; giving us the choice to be leading and creative with what challenges us… or we can be inflexible and domineering’. What path did you choose? If you prefer to change to the other path, it’s a good time to do so when we’re reconsidering and re-negotiating for a better resolution.

If your heart is full, you don’t feel that hungry. Swami Tejomayananda

The weekend is sparked with fiery passion and rebellious individuality with the strangely creative Mars/Uranus trine on Saturday September 2, and a persuasive Mercury/Mars conjunction on Sunday September 3. It’s wise to spend less time talking about who you think you are, by doing more to become who are. Starcana weekly tarot: Balance returns because of a brave step into the unknown. [Fool/Justice]

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“As I share this post, I thought I’d share a random personal thought – because I’m remembering the depth of Pluto (death, purge, transformation) transiting my third house. And as Saturn (discipline, responsibility) transits through Sagittarius, he’s been carefully stepping back into the remains – sifting for what could be salvaged and rebuilt of my natal Sun (identity, ego), Mercury (thoughts, communications) and Jupiter (abundance, beliefs). In the meantime, Pluto has re-buried itself back into my natal Saturn, which has been helping me to amputate ancient attachments, with the learned and heavy responsibility to help others first, before myself. As a sensitive empath, being compassionate and caring – while also saying ‘no’ to another soul – has never been an easy task for me. I’ve always sacrificed and over-extended myself, to help another being. In return, I had learned how to strengthen my own determination, commitment and self-reliance, because the care and help that was provided, was rarely returned.

In the end, this is not a ‘pity-party’ post lol … but a genuine thank you. I am grateful for the ungrateful. Only through unfortunate experiences, was I able to learn how to help, strengthen and heal myself. And through the grace of the gods; I’ve been able to help, raise and strengthen others. Empowering, yet extremely humbling. Despite tough falls, I’ve learned how to weed intruding roots, rebuild a better foundation and construct healthier boundaries. I’ve learned how to transform an ocean of pain, into peace and love. Of course though, I’m not 100% perfect – because I’m still human and I’m still learning. But with the help of the divine universe, I’ve been reducing what isn’t mine or my responsibility – therefore, creating more time, space and energy for me. And let me add that I’m not making excuses for some of the confusing jargon that I have written, the random missing-in-action blogposts, nor am I apologizing for building better standards. I’m just saying that I’ve been busy taking care of what matters ‘behind these scenes’… while working hard to provide you with helpful insights and genuine guidance – through professional sessions, but also this free blog. I do this, because I have a passion that still very much cares about the wellbeing of others. So my dearest clients, readers and the divine – please accept my humble gratitude – as I have genuinely appreciated your patience, understanding and support. Thank you. Suzi xx”

Your greatest test, is when you are to bless someone else while you are going through your own storms. When what you have and need is the very thing someone else is in need of and you know deep down what’s the right thing to do. That is the greatest challenge ever. But, that is also the greatest blessing and door of opportunity that comes camouflage knocking our door. That is the very key that will unlock the gates of Heaven over our lives if we just learn to listen, to be kind and to let go. Rafael Garcia

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