I Am a Guiding Light, Sun enters Sagittarius

Be the Light, Sun in SagittariusWe receive a calling from the cosmos on Tuesday, as Mars sextiles fortunate Jupiter. It’s favorable timing to inhale our confidence with a big deep breath, in order to reach out, step forward, and jump into the fire. Passionately stir aspirations, and create those dreams. With Mars in healthy Virgo and Jupiter retrogradethese vibrations should generously jumpstart adventures in new beginnings and improved routines in work, travel, business, fitness, and personal wellbeing. At the same time, be careful of not adding too much ego to the pot, as it could overheat with pushy competition.

Focus, concentration, and words sharpen as Mercury sextiles Pluto on Wednesday. Make a very serious to-do list of what needs to be accomplished – then with precision and gusto, make it all disappear. Words, writings, and what we’re trying to communicate are powerful and to the point. Exactness in work and business will score big points, but remember gentleness when speaking with others. Otherwise, truthful words based on the cold facts truth can be labeled as mean and cruel.

God respects me when I work, but He loves me when I sing. Rabindranath Tagore

Sun enters Sagittarius. With the North Node, Mercury, Saturn, and the Sun in Scorpio for the last four weeks, we’ve been managing our most darkest inner storms, through inner research, while quietly observations of our surroundings. This recent Taurus Full Moon exposed real vulnerabilities, increasing our awareness for patience and growth. But with Mercury stationed direct, we figured out a way to correct errors and misunderstandings, through a much clearer translation of our intentions.

Understanding the intensity of the last few weeks, there will be a noticeable shift on Thursday, as the powerful Sun moves away from the controlling clutch of Scorpio, to enter the more playful realm of Sagittarius. During the next four weeks of this transit, we’ll be climbing out from under our rock, to escape the safety from our dark cave. We’ll gladly crawl out of our protective shells as the warm Sun smiles, inviting us to come out and play.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. Plato

With the Sun in Sagittarius, we’ll be in the great wide open, where abundance and freedom exists. This area is illuminated with golden opportunities for expansion, but we’re required to first lighten our load, and get rid of the unnecessary baggage. Attachments of any kind, whether emotional, mental, physical, or material – are a burden, and will only weigh us down. To live happily in the present, in the moment, we must learn to be simple and true. No strings attached.

We must curiously wonder, to daringly wander.  As we step out of bounds onto unfamiliar territory, we’ll learn quickly that we were never limited. When we escape from what/who controls our spirit, we dare to shine, while revealing our inner warrior. Through the natural law of the universe, the Sun in Sagittarius purifies our experience to exist – showing us how to trust and create something to believe in – by living on a prayer. In doing so, we can be a guiding light for ourselves, but also for others, and live happier than ever imagined.

We must curiously wonder, to daringly wander. Suzi Dronzek

We beam brilliantly as we enjoy people and situations from a whole new light. New information will allow for new ideas and philosophies, which helps us to play with new ways of growing. Confidence heals and takes the lead, providing us with the courage to travel onto new roads, and new paths in life. By venturing out from ourselves, we gain exposure to a much broader view of the world. Golden opportunities await as we expand through the Sagittarian circle of: travel and relocation, higher learning, classes and universities, spiritual journeys, new books and reading material, foreigners, new languages, mind travel, religion and philosophy, legal counseling and advisors, dreams and revelations. Some will most likely trip onto a new vision quest, to inquire the true meaning of life and happiness. Lead with light, laughter, and love.

One does not discover new lands without first consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. Andre Gide

Tarot insight from HighPriestess/Justice: Embrace the truth for harmony and inner balance.

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