I’m ALL that.. and more. Sun in Leo, Aquarius Full Moon, Venus in Virgo

Sun enters Leo, Aquarius Full MoonSun enters Leo on this new week, where he returns to his natural home, in all his natural glory. The powerful light that shines with Sun in Leo, fills us with warmth and courage, for renewed vitality. We are invited to get back to the living, so that we may connect with our true inner spirit. During the next four weeks of this fiery transit, we’ll be in the spotlight, while taking front stage. Leo rules drama and the theater, and we’ll be preparing ourselves well, for a a very important role ahead. We’ll be setting the stage with props, shopping for the perfect costume with a sharp new wardrobe, accessorizing with shiny bling to dazzle our audience, and rehearsing our lines, over and over until we get them right. We’ll incorporate it altogether, in order to create our image of strength, for this is the character that we yearn to display.

As we walk in this brilliant light in the weeks ahead, we’re catching someone’s eye, as well as the attention of onlookers. So yes, image does matter. Give your outdated mane a new look, and create a fresh style of how you’d like to be represented. With ego and self-management as keywords right now, it’s important that we at least ‘appear’ to be in control of ourselves, and not let them see us sweat. If we expect to be the champion, or the chosen one.. then we must portray ourselves to be the number one best choice.

Everyday, God lives and breathes through me. Snatam Kaur

What the Leo Sun shall touch, appears to turn to gold. Potentials rise in the areas of career and work now, while romantic flames ignite. A new passion rises, as will and power unite to achieve success. Life will certainly be on the move in these hot days of summer, and we should naturally be moving right along with it. Be ready for the games to begin, and enjoy the challenge of a good hunt. Trust your instinct, then MOVE on it. The healing energy from the Sun in Leo has a way of beaming through us, making it much easier for us to be true to our heart. We can become more loving and generous, or more defensive and protective. Pride and dignity develops. Be a genuine example of self-expression, self-promotion, and confidence. This is your arena, so allow your light to shine. Talents and unique skills are your gifts to the world, so don’t be afraid to use them. And from the very bottom of your heart, allow yourself to rise from your inner cage, to give life your very BEST shot.

All know the way; few actually walk it. Bodhidharma

The energy of the Leo Sun will also help us to manage this woozy watery trine of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. As new inner strength rises into super human power, we are able to gather uncontrolled emotions and dreams… then transform them into our present world. As we create our magnificent masterpiece; perhaps the perfect plan for success in our work or relationship, we can become very proud, protective and territorial. With bold Mars tagging up with optimistic Jupiter on Monday, energy becomes highly reactive. Heated passion ignites, daring us to chase life by taking major steps forward. As we choose to ‘walk the walk’, use caution with ego, speed, and impatience; to avoid accidents and errors. With Mars now in sensitive Cancer, we are strongly driven by our emotions. Emotional attachments are distractions that can lead us into a ditch. Fill your vehicle with a higher grade of fuel, then switch into cruise control.

During my vacation last week, Uranus began his retrograde cycle which will last into December. Uranus is the God of awakenings and change. In the months ahead, we’ll be re-asking ourselves some tough questions about who we are, and where we are going, while re-discovering our inner star of happiness. A burst of light and truth is dramatically exposed in Monday’s enlightened Aquarius Full Moon. Here is where we give birth to the sensitivities and illusions that we’ve been busy internalizing, since the Cancer New Moon. In the midst of this light, we manage to grasp a piece of the puzzle, which helps us to see the bigger picture. It’s time to let go and exhale.

While the saga continues, Venus enters earthy Virgo by stepping away from Leo’s limelight. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be evaluating all that we have accumulated. We’ll be reaching deeper and deeper into our own realm, where it’s safe and quiet from all the activity that surrounds us. As we analyze our possessions and what we hold onto, we begin to crave something that is more precious and real. We may need a more simple life, with less interruptions. This can motivate us into creating a better order for our values, love, and money. Respect and appreciation might be at the very tip of our tongue. But Virgo’s ruler is Mercury, and even though Mercury stationed direct over the weekend, we must still pass through his tricky shadow phase. Be careful of your words, and be kind. For more insight, check out your July Tarotscope.

Tarot Insight from SixWandsrx/ThreeWands: We fall, in order to rise.

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