Imbolc Blessings, Tarot Insight

Imbolc Blessings, Tarot Insight | Starcana Cosmic Dirt

Six Pentacles and King of Wands ©1991 Robin Wood Tarot, Used with permission.

Imbolc blessings friends! ❤ With spring right around the corner; it’s a fine time to prepare for fresh beginnings and new life – by honoring light and purification. This divine process can be celebrated as we participate in the art of decluttering and detachment. Take some time to rid the dust, cobwebs and dirt – to create available space again. Make room for light to enter, along with the potential of new blessings. Utilize the vibes from the Aquarian New Moon energy to embrace new freedom from the darkness. And with Venus (values, love, money) entering into pioneering Aries – know what would bring passion into your heart again – then plant those seeds and light your candle. Get up off your bottom – and create that magic!

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” Aldous Huxley

This week’s tarot insight is from the Six of Pentacles and King of Wands (as seen in the Robin Wood Tarot) – was interpreted as ‘The pie is sliced and equally distributed when the knife is in honorable hands’. What we give and receive in return (SixPents) will be dependent on the act of doing and our truest intentions (KingWands). To get what we want (Venus), we must be willing to make a genuine sacrifice, for another. To initiate the right deeds, for fair results. And to give from the heart, with no strings attached. This might be something to consider when flames are ignited on Valentine’s Day.

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Personal note: As you probably know by now, my website went down. You weren’t able to move past the link in the newsletter, to read the latest cosmic dirt. So while I wanted to let you know that the site is back up and running (thanks to a talented service) – I thought I’d share a little insight to hopefully inspire your day!

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