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Good day! In our attempt to rebuild what holds value, Mercury will exit from spontaneous Aries on Monday afternoon May 6, to enter stubborn Taurus.

In the next three weeks, our focus moves from unstoppable to immovable with Mercury in Taurus – which can stall or slow down thoughts, communications and short travels. Instead of jumping the gun, we can be inclined to stay patient, deliberate and thorough with what we’re creating.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Lao Tzu

Life could get a bit frustrating this week… if getting comfortable with the calm is a genuine struggle. Mostly because in the last few weeks, some of us may have gotten comfy in taking charge and doing whatever we felt like doing. So if we got settled with being in control, compromise may be a little tough to adjust to now. Relationships could experience some of the burn with a scornful Venus/SaturnRx square on Tuesday May 7, and the judgmental Venus/PlutoRx square on Thursday May 9.

Stay mindful of your new moon intentions and what you intend to communicate under the hopeful Sun/Neptune sextile on Wednesday May 8, a generous Venus/JupiterRx trine on Thursday May 9, and a rewarding Sun/SaturnRx trine on Saturday May 11. Sure… there are a few distractions to lead us off the road this week – unless we focus on our goal. Starcana weekly tarot insight: A strained barrel of regrets spill, which collide into a wall. [ThreeSwords/SevenSwordslRx]

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