Improving Emotional Understanding, Jupiter enters Cancer

Kindness allows us to feel, to heal.


After a full year of looking for options with Jupiter transiting Gemini, he finally bids his farewell. Jupiter (the planet of abundance and expansion) settles into his new home in the comforts of Cancer for the next twelve months. Cancer is a feminine/water/cardinal energy that rules the fourth house of the zodiac. The keyword for Cancer is ‘I feel’, connected to empathy, nurturing, compassion, and intuition. In this watery realm in the months ahead, we’ll be influenced with our special keepsakes, much like a heart-shaped box that is filled… crammed… and overstuffed with our heart’s most important, valuable treasures – raw feelings. Here is where nourishment is sought, as we mother incoming emotions that connect us with our most sensitive lunar nature, inner security, and place we call home… with meaningful trinkets to memorable experiences that have magically touched our  hearts.

Acts of kindness allow us to feel and heal.

What has become sacred and earned its right in our private shrine, is what we have come to know and understand. For some, happiness and emotional security has been found in a loving family, mothering, caring for the home, creating cozy comforts for others, having plenty of children, and even slaving over the kitchen to cook favorite requests, sealed with love. (And those warm, gooey foods that are home-made and baked in the oven score big points.) Other mentionables that some can build a powerful emotional bonding with may include; traditional ways that have been passed down from generation to generation, memories from the ‘good ole days’, antique furniture, love letters, holiday keepsakes, a heart-felt apology, sea shells from the ocean, personally hand-written notes, family recipes, long-lasting romances, pearls, holding hands, receiving forgiveness, adopting strays, ‘hand me downs’, a movie/concert stub, walks by the ocean under the moonlight, scrapbooks of photographs, psychic intuition, creating a belonging for the less fortunate, an intimate relationship with nature, and lots of hugs. Acts of kindness allow us to feel and heal.

The littlest things that can mean so much to us, are recognized and blessed with Jupiter in the house. The more we care, nourish, sympathize, and love – the more Jupiter can learn, to return. Kindness matters, and we must give to receive. As Jupiter in Cancer expands, an ocean of emotions will rise to the surface. The meaning behind our uncontrolled feelings and frustrated moods will fluctuate to become free, to provide truth, understanding, and trust.

With Jupiter in Cancer, compassionate blessings are delivered, but we can also face a shadow of turbulent emotional waves as well. Cancer is highly emotional and reactive, with a very good memory that remembers everything, both good and bad. Jupiter will study our highs and lows, by magnifying. These overloaded sensitivities can lead to worry, caution, overeating, dependency, jealousy, and self-defense. This energy should lighten considerably with the grand water trine between Jupiter in CancerSaturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in PiscesThese powerful moist energies increase tears and bodily fluids, for a spiritual cleansing and/or sexual healing of the past. This extra moisture could also influence the weather system, producing additional precipitation that may lead to more storms and flooding. Cancer also rules the body parts of the chest, breasts, breastbone, stomach, digestive system, womb and the pancreas. May Jupiter share his heavenly gifts that help expand funds toward cancer research projects.

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