Inner Reconstruction, Libra Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Saturn Retrograde

Libra Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology

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The heat has turned up a few notches as Mercury (thoughts, communications, journeys) has left dreamy Pisces on Monday March 21- to join Sun in daring Aries. Where we may have recently been lost, enchanted, or confused – the foggy mist will quickly begin to disappear during the next three weeks, allowing us to see the road up ahead. And as the brand new horizon warmly greets us, brave ideas will be stirred, while stimulating a fiery new interest with enthusiasm.

In the light of this new week, new season and new astrological cycle – visions from the recent Pisces New Moon/ Solar Eclipse should  begin to show us some unique signs in what we’ve actually  been searching for. Secrets and hidden information that remained in the dark will start to reveal itself  in full illumination of the Full Moon on Wednesday, March 23. We’ll be able to see more clearly as new insights, along with much needed answers for truth are delivered.

The brightest light moving away from us, unless it be reflected, is darkness to us. Anonymous

The vibrations of this Libra Full Moon will encourage a deep need for honesty, agreement, peace and balance – in romantic affairs, personal relationships and professional partnerships. So while there is something to be received at this time, there is also a sense of surrender (or sacrifice) that takes place in these vibrations; as the Full Moon brings a time for shine, but also for endings, closure and letting go. And with this being a Lunar Eclipse, we can experience a much greater magnification of change, chaos and transformation over the next three to six months – which can create break-ups, breakdowns as well as breakthroughs.

And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed. Bible

Old doors will be closing, so that new doors may open. And as we willingly move (or be cosmically booted) to journey the unknown – Wednesday’s Jupiter/Saturn square could cause us some uncertainty, while questioning our purpose, direction and goals. And just in time, as Taskmaster Saturn stations retrograde on Friday, March 25 for the next couple of months – helping us to re-blueprint, restructure and rebuild our inner weaknesses. Tarot insight from QueenPentsRX/Wheel: What we fail to tend to, is carried along our way.

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