Inspired to Surrender, Aquarian New Moon, Pisces Sun

reflection, Pisces Sun, Aquarian new MoonThe Aquarian New Moon on Wednesday February 18 can feel uncomfortably strange and offbeat, yet uniquely exhilarating. Waiting for the unknown and unfamiliar to happen; can release humor and cleverness, or it can trigger nervous energy with restlessness and irritability. Expect the unexpected. Try to relax thoughts and just breathe.

The New Moon delivers new emotions with new sensations, so that we may experience new beginnings with a new approach. Find quality time to have a one-on-one conversation with the inner self and the heart. Then listen well, to have a better understanding in what we actually need, so that we can plant the right seeds for our New Moon intention.

Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly. Morticia Addams

There was an Aquarian New Moon last month, and we’re experiencing another Aquarian New Moon tomorrow. There’s an urge to ‘double the taste, to double the pleasure’, as powerful emotions brew, magnetizing new potent cravings. We really need to feel a special connection or an exclusive sense of belonging, but it must be with our own unique style – to stay original and independent. A freedom to be exceptional, by being our true self. This fixed energy also yearns for what it wants, at it’s own convenience – feeling highly attracted to what may be incredibly disturbing to another. Behaving as the lone wolf, to invent or free yourself, tends to disregard those around you. This can create surprise, or chaotic disruption. As Mars (energy) and Venus (values, love, money) moves into pioneer Aries – choose your path carefully – to not step on the toes of others.

With the New Moon in Aquarius, we are inspired to reach for the stars. We can better benefit from our intentions when we incorporate friendliness with a higher perspective, to alleviate the frequency. Unity for Humanity. Seek the best outcome for ALL involved. The keyword for Aquarius is ‘I know’, as success can be based on a wide perspective, intelligence, distance and a futuristic strategy. As we practice detachment, truth and self-control, we can better our game plan. Experience alternative options that exist outside of the box, rather than rely on what has been a routine reaction. Create something from out of the ordinary, because of a need for peace, happiness or for a change in scenery.

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. Maya Angelou

A few moments later, as we’re striving for something more inspirational and satisfying with the New Moon, the Sun enters Pisces. We’ll be led into compassionate waters during the next four weeks, where we can experience much needed endings with closure – so that we can follow our heart and live our dreams. Rebel against ancient emotional attachments, to inhale a breath of fresh air. And in this new freedom, drift off into the oceanic depths of Pisces, where imagination can brilliantly shine and reflect upon our spirit. Tarot insight from NinePentsrx/EightCupsrx: A rocky path surrenders to an alternative route.

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  1. Mashell Holt says

    Hi Suzi,

    As always, I love reading your posts. You always nail it! You explain what the heavens and stars are always doing and it hits right at home every time! Hope you are staying warm up there, keep up the good writing as I always enjoy you!

    Mashell from Ormond Beach, FL

  2. Youre welcome! And thank you so much for your kind words Mashell, you added some warmth to this very frosty day! 🙂