Intuitive Consultant

Suzi Dronzek, Starcana, Intuitive, Sensitive Empath, Mystic Dreamer, Visionary, Wildheart

Intuitive, Sensitive, Empath, Practical Mystic, Dreamer

I’m Suzi Dronzek, the mystic business owner of I work as an intuitive life consultant, spiritual advisor and astrology tarot reader. During personalized sessions and in my writings, I will interpret an eclectic blend of wisdom from the energy of the cosmos & nature; which also includes intuitive astrology, mystic tarot, spirituality, empathy, and the art of metaphysics. As a creative problem solver, I make it a habit to blend intuition with logic, in order to keep things real.

‘Those who see me as a rebel, misfit, or the black sheep… tend to lose sight of my wildheart and gypsy soul. I live as a dreamer and as a survivor. I am the rainbow and the storm. I seek higher frequencies. And as a visionary and intuitive ‘feeler’, I’m usually distracted, because I’m ‘tuning-in’ to the energy of the cosmos and nature, astrology, tarot, metaphysics, philosophy, spirituality, or whatever else that’s calling me. By the grace of mud and divine insanity, may the flames I cast; torch shadows and burn weak bridges – to illuminate hearts and ignite spirit.’ Suzi Dronzek

I’m quite fond of the imagination, sensitivity, creativity, and magic that I hold inside of me, but I’m just as appreciative for my natural sense of skepticism, which feeds my earthly need for practicality, reasoning and truth.

As a former wild child and free spirit, I’ve experienced much in life and love. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I’ve gained much more with the pearls of wisdom and learned lessons. I share my personal and professional errors in life, my own individual story, if it help another find a much smoother journey. Insight, guidance, and helping others is who I am. I share it with others in just daily living, as well as through professional sessions by phone, or by email. For those who are not ready and not interested in my professional services, I still aim to help others, by writing and sharing free insight through my Cosmic Dirt blog subscription. It’s my way of ‘paying it forward’. For more information on my style, check out strategic metaphysics.

My Personal Story. This is my crazy story, which I hope to answer your questions about how I arrived where I am today. As a very young child, I can remember experiencing occurrences and special knowledge with the paranormal, weather, nature, and psychic dreams. I had no one to guide me, so books quickly became my best friend as I researched information on psychic phenomena and the metaphysical arts. Although I experienced some fear, I was still very fascinated and intrigued at what I did not understand. As I became more aware of this natural connection, the more I felt like a misunderstood square peg and black sheep of the family. In my teens, astrology introduced itself to me, and I made a new best friend. Astrology helped me to get to know myself better, so that I could understand the dysfunctional family that I grew up in, while getting to know others, their personalities and their behaviors. From there, I began dabbling with tarot, enhancing my intuitive ability and knowledge to a new level.

As a child of imagination, music, and art, originality and uniqueness are my strengths. Sneak a peek at my December birth chart. I struggled to be accepted into what was considered ‘normal’. I began to realize that what worked fine for everyone else, did not work for me. After graduating high school at seventeen, I left home because life had been calling me for so long. I relocated to several states, expanding my mind and my potential. I loved my new freedom and felt like a true gypsy, free to do as I pleased. This was a necessity for my Sagittarius spirit. I met so many interesting people, and learned much from their own stories. I was on my own with no one to rely on but myself, so I learned how to work hard, as well as party hard. I earned my graphic arts degree at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and spent years in commercial advertising and design. I digested all that life offered, and grew tremendously. I became a lone wolf, independent and a leader in my own destiny. I’m like the stray onion ring that falls in your fries. To be unique self, I must live dangerously, to live right.
I’m a visionary, a ‘feeler, a rainbow and a storm.’ Suzi Dronzek

By thirty, I finally found the time to fall in love and marry. After our first child, I was involved in a car accident, diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a bushelful other health annoyances. I am proud to say that I have managed to control and heal all of my issues, except for the chronic fatigue that still occasionally gets to me. One day, I will learn to take my own advice, and just slow down. But I decided to leave the corporate world, determined to heal, but also to raise our son, rather than rely on daycare. In 1995, I became self-employed as a freelance artist, and an independent contractor for the psychic phone lines. I became more interested in learning how the ‘world wide web’ worked, so I began to build my first website. I needed a topic and chose my interest in mysticism as the subject, because I knew it and loved it so well. I experimented with digital art, site design, html language, search engine optimization, and internet promotion. By 2002, was born and weaved magically into my life. Through a chain of events and the eagerness to flow with whatever life delivered, I arrived at a comfortable place ~ where I didn’t have to feel so different anymore. The internet was much more friendlier and accepting of misfits. Here is where I could take my ‘hobby site’ and genuinely help others with my ‘special knowledge’, while building a business for myself.

Well-behaved women rarely make history. ~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

I’m a visionary, a soulful empath, and a creative sensitive. As a quick learner, I can be appreciative of the ‘hellish’ years of my forties, which included transits with Pluto (death, transformations), Uranus (awakenings, truth), Saturn (hardships, responsibility), and Chiron (pain, wounded healer, shaman). I swear this decade intentionally crammed these years with tough lessons, so that I could feel every single situation and emotion known to humans – so that I may relate FULLY with others – to help them find their way. With a unique ability to integrate and blend with others, I feel them. I can see and sense things that are not always visible to the naked eye. I can also feel too many vibrations from too many directions, which can cause me to respond or react as energy approaches or moves me. It’s like when someone throws a pebble into a calm pond, causing ripples of tiny waves. Sometimes the energy can feel like you dropped a whole mountain side into the pond. My messy and unorganized journal describes a fraction of what I experience with being a human tuning fork with earth tremors on my blog: Earth Speaks. Cause and effect. I continue to experience the vibrations of human nature, weather and earth, and life at large volumes and great heights, to keep me eager and learning.

Now in my fifties, I had decided to open my mind, body, and spirit again, to stretch and remold who I had developed into. I dedicated myself to learning something completely new and healthy, which is why I became certified as a yoga teacher. This wasn’t about getting a studio to create a new line of work, but instead, this was an investment for me and work, to mentor clients in the comforts of their home, with meditation and stress management. My next project will be coming home to my inner artist. My goal is to utilize all that I have accumulated so far, so that I may create a unique self-help project so that others may learn and experience their own beauty soul. As a natural creative and problem solver, my honesty has treated me well professionally and personally, but it doesn’t always win popularity. Having integrity, while being truthful and kind is vital to the person I am… and for the success of my business. I treat people the way that I would like to be treated, with kindness, generosity, and respect. And while I love to experience people and the story of their lives, I am quite comfortable in solitude. I’m a natural reactor, like a brewing storm. I release, produce, and reflect a lot of energy, so detaching and separating from outside sources is necessary, to recharge. My fiery spirit breathes individuality, and the right to defend and honor my true light – while you are encouraged to do the same.  

I am a daughter of the cosmos. The universe is my mentor, nature is my friend, and karma is my conscience. ~Suzi Dronzek

I created, but with my own awareness and availability, Starcana created me. Starcana became my baby, and eventually she became my teacher. I introduced Starcana to the world, but she introduced the world to me. I will always be grateful to the highest energies that have surrounded and protected me, as my metaphysical connection has been generously welcomed by so many like you, who have been understanding and supportive of alternative routes. With the amount of mistakes and unpopular choices that I’ve made in my life, I’ve often asked myself if I am truly the right person to help others. The only answer received, was that I have a genuine heart that truly cares about others and their happiness. The number of returning clients helps to confirm this, because they are the ones who have listened, trusted, and learned from the insight and guidance that I have shared since I first began my service.

I am a daughter of the cosmos. The universe is my mentor, nature is my friend, and karma is my conscience. I peek into other’s lives, and I tell a story, so that they may ‘see’ and help themselves. Whatever one’s perception of me is not my concern anymore. I’ve been working at becoming me for too long now, to really care. I love what I am developing into, and how I am able to help others to grow as well. I am spiritually awake, and pay attention to the unseen. I embrace my light, and respect my shadows. Lord knows I’m no angel… I’m just a warrior with a gentle heart who gives a damn. Sensitive by nature, I’m aware of the eclectic blend of energy in the cosmos and earth, therefore I walk an evolutionary path in awareness, mindfulness, language, and consciousness. Astrology, intuition, tarot, numerology, metaphysics, mysticism, spirituality, zen, philosophy of buddhism, magic, and logic are friends in my purpose to serve and help others. ‘All truths are easy to understand once discovered; the point is to discover them’.. so by the grace of mud and insanity, I aim to fan flames, to touch hearts.

‘I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.’ ~Socrates