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Intuitive psychic readings, spiritual advice and soulful guidance by email. Greensburg Pennsylvania

Intuitive psychic tarot readings, spiritual advice and soulful guidance by email.

Intuitive Readings by Email respond to questions, through a written form. This is not a computer report, but a REAL intuitive reading, with REAL time & energy invested – using intuition, tarot, astrology, etc… delivered as a simple email message. Each email reading is personalized; from set-up and meditation, interpreting the message, putting it all together and typing it into hand-written words, with a photograph of the tarot cards chosen. (I will answer your question(s) as messages come through, but I also share what you haven’t asked about as well). Occasionally, spellcheck and my colorful grammar can slip past me – adding to it’s originality. Honest and nonjudgmental consultations; delivered with compassion and care.

Delivery: Email readings are available 24/7 – for U.S. and international countries. Purchased orders are delivered within three to five *business* days; from date of purchase. Billed as: Starcana Life Guidance.

Procedure: Choose the amount of insight that fits your personal budget:

  • Short & Sassy… 1 burning question (about 125 words).. 25.00
  • Irresistibly Insightful… 2 questions(about 250 words)… 50.00
  • Wickedly Wise…  3-5 questions (about 500 words)…… 100.00

  1. Email your Full Name, Birthdate and Question(s) to: [email protected]. If another individual is part of your question(s), include their first name & birthdate.
  2. Make a secure payment by clicking ‘Add to Cart’, which takes you to PayPal’s SECURE website…. where no account necessary to make a secure purchase.

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