July 2012 Tarotscope, Horoscopes with Tarot and Astrology for your Zodiac Sun Sign

Starcana Tarotscope is a solar chart horoscope with a twist of astrology and tarot for your zodiac sun sign. For additional insight, try my three card spread using your personal astrological information:

  1. For your first card, read your Rising sign, explaining what you already know.
  2. For your second card, read your Moon sign, for what is challenging you.
  3. For your third card, read your Sun sign, to understand what is developing.


Happy birthday LEO! (July 23-August 22) Nine of Wands: Preparation of things going wrong. Believing difficulties still exist. Resisting purification. A war still exists. A reason to stand and fight for ourselves. Hidden enemies. Energy is overwhelmed. Taking on too much. A cycle for closure is necessary. Finishing a journey. Deception is likely. Organizing what matters. Instincts are on target. Changes occur by our actions. Validating the truth. Waiting in anticipation. Obsessed with coming out on top. Ego serves no purpose. Determination to gain control. Removing what isn’t real or genuine. Creating order. Finding direction through our own inner process.

The Sun is your ruler dear Leo, and it is traveling through your House of Self, adding much more love and shine onto your spectacular self! It’s time to finesse your wardrobe, and to strut in a new hairstyle with some sassy highlights. Others will have a hard time taking their eyes off of you, especially as Venus and Jupiter generate fortunate connections in your House of Hopes and Wishes. As Mercury retrogrades, someone from your past returns for a second chance, possibly a romantic summer fling. Express what is in your heart Leo.


VIRGO (August 22-September 23) Ace of Swords: Clarity. Complete change of mind. Seeing things in a different light. Good communications. Integrity. New vision. Honestly speaking. Logic. Experiencing life from a new perspective. A hero. Seeing the world as it is. Seen as a champ. Cutting illusions to receive answers. A good leader. Truth shall set you free. Ready to communicate. Honor. Seeds of success take root. Creating intention. Good decisions made on facts, not on emotions. Prosperity. Truth is delivered. Winning. Fiery spirit. A healing takes place. A victory. The fog disappears. A birth of a new idea. Power. A new beginning awaits. Goals are reachable. Head over the heart. You pass the test. A light is turned on in your life. Great potential is available. Stronger than ever.

You’re publicly investing much of your time and energy into what you love Virgo, and as Venus and Jupiter sweeten your House of Career and Status, you are likely to experience some fine advancements and rewards for your hard work and determination. Mars also joins Saturn in your House of Values and Money, allowing you to kick things up a notch or two, but as your ruler Mercury turns retrograde this month, it would be wise to save major purchases for next month, as there’s a good chance you will change your mind again, wanting to spend the money elsewhere. Stay grounded.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Nine of Cups: Wishes are fulfilled. What have you been hoping and praying for, manifests. An unanswered prayer. Your dreams come true. Happiness is in bloom, and you beam with love and joy. Difficulties are removed. Abundance. You have the advantage that creates satisfaction and success. End of an emotional cycle. Energy is harmonized with inner peace, confidence, and security. Being at the right place at the right time. Surrounded by much love. Lucky you. Your cup hath over-floweth. A time for rest and enjoyment. Lounging in pleasure. Good friend, good spirits, good conversation, and good life! The Gods look down fondly on you. You are blessed with gratitude and appreciation. Dreams turn into reality. Happy Happy Happy!

With Saturn finally direct after four and a half months, life and your relationships should return to a much more comfortable place now Libra. As Mars enters your sign, along with the July Full Moon, you will receive a good burst of energy to help you create movement in your search for whatever may make you happy. Jupiter has recently joined your ruler Venus in your House of Higher Learning, helping you to adjust nicely to the bigger picture as to what you have been looking for. Put on your seatbelt as some sort of  travel is up ahead. There’s no doubt that you will be going places this month.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Five of Pentacles: A change in your stable surrounding, which can be professionally, personally romantically, or spiritually. Miserly. Holding on to what’s left. Shattered. Material struggle. Poverty stricken. Financial loss. Loneliness. Misfortune. Disorderly conduct. Feeling like an outcast. Being left out in the cold. You’re not as important as you thought you were. You figure out where you stand, realizing that there are necessary changes that must be made to regain your personal power back. It’s important to withdraw and prioritize now. What you have been clinging to what has not brought you the peace or self-respect that you have been searching for. Searching for a needle in a haystack. In some cosmic way, you got exactly what you asked for. One door is closing, so that another can open. Personal development comes from the courage to grow and leave the rest behind. It’s not a time to take life personally. You have something important to learn about what you are capable of, and you can’t learn it unless you stray rom your comfort zone. Quit being so hard on ourself.

There’s a strong current passing through Scorpio, and it will be up to you to decide if you should hold onto safety, or let go and float in new directions. Your ruler Pluto is actively in retrograde motion, which involves some challenging aspects with Uranus, who also retrogrades this month. A new life awaits you, if you are willing to look outside of the box. There’s much more happening than meets the eye, and with Venus and Jupiter in your House of Transformation, this shift could be generously kind for your wellbeing.. if you can simply trust.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Three of Cups: Healing energy. Harmony. Good fortune is upon you. Artistic expression. Support. Creative expressions. Connected to others. Experience love. Friendly compromise. Happiness. Approval from a social circle. Singing a song. Coming to a full circle. Relief. Happy ending. Fortunate results. Spirit dances. A female coven. Trust is developed. A bond is created. Rituals. Prayers. Overcoming obstacles. Celebration. Blood is thicker than water. receiving an invitation. Joy. Fulfillment. Old souls unite. Sweet talk. Friendship is born. Stagnation ends. Spiritual abundance. Networking. An open-mind flows. Enjoy the ride.

Fun is the name of your game Sagittarius, and as Uranus retrogrades in your House of Creativity and Entertainment, expect to see some changes in the way that you will be passing time and expressing yourself. A lovely dose of love and romance is delivered as Jupiter and Venus bloom nicely in your House of Relationships. With Sun, and Mercury retrograde in your house of Higher Learning, you are understanding and re-translating information at brand new levels. Stay grounded if you’d like others to reach you, but otherwise you are flying high.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) The Hanged Man: All is on hold. A transition is taking place. Nothing is moving forward nor backwards. Life stops temporarily. Temporarily in suspension. Boredom. Spiritual awakening. Having plenty of time to think. Ready to let go. Life has been turned upside down. Passive behavior. Readjustment. Sacrificing, in order to move forward. A cleansing. All is totally out of your hands. Having the ability to see from a different perspective. Waiting to see what will happen. Regeneration. Rebuilding because of insight. Healing. At peace with the situation and with yourself. Trust in higher sources. Feeling reborn.

There’s no doubt that you are ready to get back to business Capricorn, especially now that your ruler Saturn is direct. Mars will also join Saturn in your House of Career and Finances, encouraging you to move ahead steadily in your plans, but your own caution could slow you down. Use energy wisely, and get ahead the right way. Your needs will take a dramatic change as Uranus retrogrades your House of Home and Security. Jupiter and Venus  add a nice sparkle to your house of Work and Health, as you climb your ladder to success.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) The Star: Hope arrives. Faith is revived. Times become much easier. It’s all downhill now. Socializing. Inspiration. Volunteering our time or money. A new friend appears. Finding a real reason. A purpose to shine. Assistance. Inner guidance. All is crystal clear. Believing in others again. Seeing a new perspective. A clear head. No resistance. Earth Angel. Our world expands in a big way. Spiritual Love. Belonging. Twinkling in the eyes of others. Invitations. Help arrives. Paying it forward. A light bulb goes off. Brainstorming. Trusting our insight. Optimistic about tomorrow. Hope is just a step a way. We see a sign of hope. Balance comes our way. A new day begins. Renewal. Making a wish.

As Sun and Mercury retrograde illuminate your House of Transformations, you shine in what one may describe as your final chapter… ‘but it ain’t over til the fat lady sings’. Just when you think you have the perfect finale, your ruler Uranus retrogrades, keeping us gasping for more. You may have a change of heart as Jupiter and Venus delicately flutter within your House of Creativity and Romance. When you begin to sing the song in your heart Aquarius, you could find yourself quickly humming a new tune.


PISCES (February 19-March 20) Justice: The truth shall make you free. Sitting at the hands of fate. Getting what is due you. Proper balance is created. Good intentions are required for you, and for those involved. Be your best. Be a friend. Accept your consequences. Advice is helpful now. Just rewards are on their way. Honesty is the best policy. Harmony. Justice is received. All is fair and equal now. You’ve been judged. Lessons learned. make the world right around you.

Jupiter blesses your home and family, while Venus comforts it with love. Things are a little more cozy that usual with quality time for yourself and loves ones. Someone close to your heart may drift a little more closer Pisces, and when this happens, you may forget all about swimming solo this month. You are feeling the right support at this time, and as Saturn strengthens your House of Transformations, you could be in the process of changing yourself  and your world around you.


ARIES (March 21-April 19) Six of Pentacles: Gratification. Helping others. Fair share is delivered. Outcome is just. Karma received. Joy of giving and receiving. Reaping what has been sown. Generosity. Spread goodness. Healing within. Strengthening bonds. Truth. Connection with like-minds. Donation. Giving of oneself. Handshakes. Forgiveness. Favor returned. Love exchanged. Professional. Learning integrity. Moral lesson. Good fortune. A promise is kept and delivered. Appreciation. Respecting time. Creating trust. Stability. Scratching each other’s back. Material gain. Pay it forward.

Connections are ready to build strength again as Saturn stations direct in your House of Relationships. Then here comes Mars, joining Saturn, to energize and excite romantic affairs and professional partnerships. With Venus and Jupiter creating charm in your House of Communications, don’t be surprised when you begin to attract many new interests, like new love, new people, and new walks of life, your way. The air just seems to be a lot sweeter this month, and you just might enjoy every minute of it.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Ace of Wands: A new beginning. Ready to climb hills for your goals. Passion for life again. Fresh start in a new direction. Creation. An energy burst. A new project. Developing an invention. Fortune. Starting an enterprise. You gain much now. Trying a new road in life. Inheritance. Going after what you are looking for. Fighting for what you believe in. Becoming a traveler. Self-discovery. Work becomes important. Having a new motto in life. Starting a new life. Taking action. “I’ve got to be me”. Genuine in your pursuits. Taking your own path.

Everything your little heart could want seems to be coming your way Taurus. You feel loved, and you are loved, as Jupiter and Venus both grace your House of Values and Possessions. The world just is a little more beautiful with each day. Yet, you may not be quite out of the woods yet as Uranus retrogrades your House of Karma. Something still needs your attention, and you may be faced with it when you least expect it. Turning within, will turn on a great light as to what it is you truly seek.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20) The Hermit: Searching for the truth. Divine light. Prayers. Finding our true inner light. Dependence on higher knowledge. Home with nature. Meditation. Be still now and listen to your surroundings. What everyone thinks of me is none of my business. Sign of help ahead. Silence is golden. Wisdom. Getting therapeutic counseling. Professional therapy. A book filled with powerful knowledge. Stars speak to you. Metaphysical practice. New age. Great wisdom. Centering within ourselves to find answers. Self-knowledge. Tree hugger. The night sky tells us a story. Grounding. Spiritual grounding. Lone wolf. Happily secluded at home. Blending in with he scenery. Ain’t nobody else’s business but our own. Illumination. Fascination with mountains. Candle in the wind. Choosing solitude to escape the noise. The key is good listening. Living the simple life. Studying the past to understand our present and tomorrow. Inner guidance.

Accept what the heavens this month share as both Jupiter and Venus decorate your House of First Impressions and Self. Enjoy the new boost of optimism that defeats fear, and the beauty that decorates your perspective of the world. Sun brightens your House of Communications, which allows you to stand out as you share your thoughts. As Uranus retrogrades in your House of Hopes and Wishes, you may find yourself as the enlightened and lucky one, as you perform kind acts for others. Share yourself with the world.


CANCER (June 20-July 23) The Devil: Punishing ourselves. Accepting consequences and blame. Trying to do the right thing for the wrong reasons. Unhappiness. Frustrations. Unable to se what the true goal is. Lack of success. Chained to an addiction. Failure comes as a surprise. Be careful as to what you wish for, you just might get it. Repeat of the same events that bring misery. What goes up, must come down. Stuck. Too fearful to move. Choosing the harder road. Hanging on to what limits our growth.

Just as the Full Moon delivers great truth in your House of Relationships, the New Moon in your Sun sign, will power up energy in your House of Self and First Impressions. As the powerful Sun enters Leo in your House of Values and Possessions, your money situation begins to heal, which encourages new growth. Jupiter and Venus grace your House of Karma with an abundance of self-respect and love. What you seek, is no doubt already yours, once you get out your own way Cancer.


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Tarot artwork from ©1991 Robin Wood Used with Permission.

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