June 2013 Tarotscope, Horoscope Twist of Tarot and Astrology for Zodiac Sun Signs

Starcana Tarotscope, Tarotscopes Horoscopes, a twist of astrology and the tarot.Starcana Tarotscope is a horoscope twist of tarot and astrology, written for your individual zodiac sun sign. This is based on a mini solar horoscope, with a general interpretation of your monthly tarot card. If you know your natal birth chart (or get them here), enjoy my three card tarot spread:

  1. 1) First Card: Use your Ascendant/Rising sign, for what you know.
  2. 2) Second Card: Use your Moon sign, for what challenges you.
  3. 3) Third Card: Use your Sun sign, for what you are creating.



Happy Birthday CANCER (June 20-July 23) King of Swords: Great analyzation. Authoritative thinking. Direction is controlled. You are, what you think. Massive weight in knowledge. Brilliancy. An excellent advisor. The power of the mind. Communications flow. Problem Solving. Negotiation. Positive thoughts. Just. Powerful speech. Standing for something important. Mental process. Strong will. Professional advice. Choose words wisely. Powerful advice. Clear perception. Intellectual behavior. Courageous decision.

You aren’t one to make big shifts in your life Cancer; well, unless you are ready to do so, according to your mood. Fresh waters are calling you forward, so you would do best to unclamp those hungry crabby claws from whatever you assume to have control over. Shifting with the waves of this month may be easier since there will be a lot happening. You can subscribe here for future astrological updates. Sun (ego, vitality) and Venus (love, money, values) will enter your Sun sign, while joining Mercury (communications, thoughts) in your house of Identity, bringing you into a powerful, loving light. Jupiter will squeeze in on this crowded party, but he’ll appreciate this new place and hang out here for a full year, which promises abundance, optimism, journeys, and good fortune.


LEO (July 23-August 22) The Tower: Purification. Cosmic direction. Growing from deteriorated pattern. Rapid change. The rug is pulled out from beneath the feet. Values shift tremendously. Truth. New foundation required. Failed design of blueprints. Catastrophic transformation. Walls come tumbling down. Alarm. Wake up. Falling, Breaking. Rapid change. Doing without, to advance. Disgrace. Shatter. Unstable security. Weakness found. A major shift. Awareness. Arranging priorities. Prepare for tomorrow. Chaos. Spiritual growth. Awakened. Surprising event. Karma.

If you aren’t going to want anything (or anyone) to mess with that gorgeous mane of yours Leo, you may want to find some quality time for yourself this month. No worries though, because you will be in the spotlight in the weeks ahead, which you can subscribe here for the updates. This down-time that keeps you behind the stage curtain would be beneficial for reflection as Sun (ego, vitality), Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (love, money, values) join Mercury (communications, thoughts) in your house of Karma and Spirituality. As Saturn retrogrades through your house of Home and Inner Security, you’re very generous heart is still on the mend. You could benefit from less roaring and pouncing, by learning to listen to the signs.


VIRGO (August 22-September 23) King of Cups:  Listen. Intuition speaks. Creative expression. Acceptance. Self-control. Step back. Allow unseen forces to happen. Trust your heart. A new calm approaches. Forgive. Release the need to control the situation. See what happens. Listen well. Compassion. Love. Be gentle, to attract. Kindness invites. New creative project. Stabilizing wall of emotions. Dream. Allow possibilities. An open heart. Consideration. Tolerance. Power of love. Use the whole box of crayons.

All work and no play will usually keep your magnificent self away from the limelight, but circumstances are about to change that Virgo. If the thought of coming out of yourself makes you a wee bit nervous and uncomfortable, you can always get a natural boost of confidence from personal work-out sessions, as well as in quiet moments in stillness. Your popularity is shining bright as Sun (ego, vitality), Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (love, money, values) join Mercury (communications, thoughts) in your house of Friendships, Hopes, and Wishes. And as the cosmos shift, Jupiter will continue to have your back as he camps out there for a full year. Subscribe here for future updates. Jupiter volunteers his wonderful gifts to increase your chances in life, love, and happiness. While Mercury approaches his shadow, as Saturn retrogrades though your house of Communications, you are still learning how to ask for what you want, using the right approach – so as you are faced with second chances – don’t be afraid to practice, practice, practice.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22)  Temperance: Moderation. Balance. Blending the negative with the positive. Level-headed experience and advice. Going with the flow. Being a good sport. Patience. Taste the rainbow. A bridge between heaven and earth. A child from the heavens. Take time to stop and smell the roses. Angelic. Healing. Spirit and matter connects. Intuition. Improvements. Living the simple life. Wisdom. Gratitude. Appreciation. Your inner gypsy. Charitable returns. Movement. Spiritual peace. Walls removed. Energy flows. Optimism. Been there, done that. Self-realization. Choosing the middle ground.

As the beautiful zodiac sign of the great scales in life, it is very important that you keep yourself in balance Libra. As Saturn retrogrades Scorpio your house of Money and Values, you are experiencing tough lessons that teach you how to strengthen what you have, but to also protect it. You can reflect on what you had learned through struggles when karmic Saturn was in Libra. It was a long two year cycle that was meant to toughen up that gentle spirit, to keep you more at peace, by being responsible with your needs and the needs of love ones. As you seek balance and fairness, understand that your desire to share will attract the right partnerships – when you are aware of your own truth. With Sun (ego, vitality), Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (love, money, values) join Mercury (communications, thoughts) in your house of Finances and Status, you are about to get a generous return on what you’ve been working hard to improve. Subscribe here for future posts.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Eight of Pentacles: Apprenticeship. Learning to grow. Appreciating what has great value. Modest gain. Priceless wisdom. Focused on the goal. Investing in a rewarding future. Saving for a rainy day. Overcoming obstacles. Rewards. Climbing the ladder. Patience turns profitable. Income improves. Commitment. Surprising growth. Making friends with time. Standing at the top of the mountain. Developing self-respect. Skills of a survivor. Financial changes. You blossom. Creating perfection. Nothing stop you.

You’re a magical soul Scorpio, but you can often be misunderstood by eyes that lack vision. As your ruler Pluto retrogrades through your house of Communications, Siblings, and Short Trips, you are learning how to move past what you’ve outgrown. Saturn retrogrades Scorpio in your house of Identity, helping you to identify with the harsh reality. As Sun (ego, vitality), Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (love, money, values) join Mercury (communications, thoughts) in your house of Higher Learning and Spiritual Journeys, you are traveling onto new levels of understanding. This is why it’s so important to cleanse and make space inside your clever mind and gentle heart. Subscribe here to stay updated, but do keep your eyes on the horizon, for they are calling.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) The Hermit: Searching for truth. Knowledge. Connect with nature. Meditation. Stillness. Seek and it shall come. What others think, is none of my business. Signs. Silence is golden. Therapeutic counsel. Solitude. Professional help. Self-illumination. The language of the stars. Regression. Center. Discretion. Self-knowledge. Tree hugger. Self-denial. Grounding. Lone wolf. Desertion. Home-based. Blending in with he scenery. Intrigued with the climb. Candle in the wind. Escaping the noise. Listen. Living simple. Withdrawal. Inner guidance.

You may feel a little awkward in your balance this month Sagittarius, but that’s no sweat off your back. You’ve really become such a pro in this dance called life. Plus you’ve gotten pretty darn good at trusting yourself and the heavens. As Neptune retrogrades through your house of Family and Inner Securities this month, you will be looking for new inspirations and creative endeavors that will allow your heart to sing it’s song once again (subscribe here for a future post). Sun (ego, vitality), Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (love, money, values) join Mercury (communications, thoughts) in your house of Transformations also. You’re inner poet may be ready to start sharing your magical self with the world. And as your ruler Jupiter vacations in this spot until next year, you may expect your transition to be gifted with favorable fortune and blessings.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Ace of Cups: An artistic endeavor. New love. Creative project brews. Developing trust. Overflow. Abundance of joy. Beauty. Harmony. A kind act. All is in sync. Healing. Movement. Trust is revived. A gift from God. Positive experience. Hope returns. Happiness finds you. In-tune with your source. Touched. A helping hand. Magical bonds. Fresh cycle. Purity. Friendship. The power of the heart.

Your ambitious climb up the ladder of success is about to have another distraction Capricorn. Your house of Relationships, Partnerships, and Hidden Enemies are in the highlight this month, and your attention will most likely be required this time. This area will be quite active and potent as Sun (ego, vitality), Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (love, money, values) join Mercury (communications, thoughts) in this crowded house. And of course with Pluto retrograde, the changes you are going through is a deep process, but it guarantees a very interesting path for you to walk through, for internal healing (subscribe here for future posts). Joyful Jupiter also joins in, but his stay in your Relationship house is for a full year, because he wants to be in on the action. He also carries a party tray of abundance and good fortune. Make room for grand improvements.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Ten of Wands: The tougher path. Sights on success. Stressed. Overloaded. Burdened. Holding the torch. A strong backbone. A long journey. Passion burns. Heavy weight feels good. Martyr complex. Doing it all. Righteousness. End of a cycle. Great strength. Burning the candle at both ends. proving strength. Great spirit. Overworked. The weight of the world on our shoulders. Daring. Challenging. The journey is almost finished. Nothing gets in the way. As all bets are against you, you pull through. Having something to prove. Fatigue. Nearing a deadline.

Change is coming your way again Aquarius, but no biggie, since you rank when it comes to shocking, surprise shifts. You really never fail to amaze those that you surround yourself with. It’s your natural brilliancy that keeps you original and unique from the rest. Your ruler Uranus continues to electrify your house of Communications, Trips, and Siblings, helping you to invent these awesome master-mind plans from the top of your head. But as Sun (ego, vitality), Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (love, money, values) join Mercury (communications, thoughts) in your house of Work, Service, and Health, you may begin to explore unique ways to better improve your wellness, while finessing your genius ideas for manifestation. Subscribe here for future posts. For an extra boost of confidence, knowledge, luck, or geez, whatever.. you got it as Jupiter (abundance, fortune) shift into this busy area with a big ole helping hand. And whatever this hand touches, turns to gold.


PISCES (February 19-March 20) The Star: Hope arrives. Faith revived. Times become friendlier. It’s all downhill now. Socializing. Inspiration. Volunteering. A new friend. Finding a reason. Shine. Assistance. Inner guidance. Crystal clear. Believing in life. A new perspective. Clear vision. No resistance. Earth Angel. The universe opens. Spiritual Love. Belonging. Twinkling eyes. Invitations. Help is near. Paying it forward. Brainstorming. Trusting insight. Optimism. Inhaling fresh air. Signs appear. Balance. A new day begins. Renewal. Wish upon a star. Pursuit of happiness.

You should find yourself mastering the backstroke in the next few months Pisces, as your ruler Neptune will station retrograde. You’ll get a chance to swim back through your house of First Impressions, but also with you fabulous imagination to reconnect with your divine self. If you are looking for do-overs, here’s your chance. As Saturn retrogrades Scorpio in your house of Higher Learning and Spiritual Journeys, creative blocks will push you deeper into the enchantments and beliefs of your own soul. Here lies the truth that gasps for air. Subscribe here for future posts. On your side, will be Sun (ego, vitality), Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (love, money, values) joining Mercury (communications, thoughts) in your house of Creativity, Entertainment, and Self-Expression. Just when you didn’t think it could get any better, Jupiter (the grand pooba of bigger and better) moves in to share his plentiful self, for a full year.


ARIES (March 21-April 19) The Hierophant: Quiet the mind. Silence. Compassion. Tradition. Return to belief system. Great teacher. Return to heritage. Public speaking. Creating believers. What has worked in the past wins over chaotic change. Maturity. Stuck in the mud. Seeking advice from clergy or those in our circle. Fighting ends. War is over. Admirers yearn for knowledge and truth. Kindness. Wise one shares wisdom. Understanding purpose. Historical Importance. Old ways return. Conformity. Coming home. Own it. Knowledge speaks. Makes sense. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Conversing with our conscience. Holding status. Knowing thy self. Understanding rules. Buying time. Guru. The wise one. Self-sacrificing. Belonging again. Appreciation and respect. Mercy. Grace.

Even superheros need to take some time off to recharge their batteries Aries, and you are not the exception (although Uranus would be sure to disagree). You and your dazzling personality has a way of being there for everyone else, but this month may find you taking more special care for yourself. Sun (ego, vitality) and Venus (love, money, values) join Mercury (communications, thoughts) in your house of Family and Inner Security, giving you and your macho heart a little ‘me’ time. Jupiter is also included into this shift from your center (subscribe here for future posts), and this will invite positive energy for love and life – rather than you relying solely on your superhero cape.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Three of Pentacles: Creativity. Planning. Craftsmanship. Financial opportunity. Professional growth. Profitable hobby. Maintaining goals. Artistic ability. Natural success from talent. Recognition due. Gifted effort. Things come together. Skills. Answering our calling. Niche. Abilities rewarded. Business opportunities. Communicating something powerful. Words make sense. Proving that you mean business. Achievement. Writing flows beautifully. Spiritual growth. Rank improves. Step up to seniority. Climbing the ladder. Power increases. Wise strategy. Crafting the home business. Dependent on self-approval. Designing the perfect setting. Material gain. Getting together with like-minded people. Grounded. Having the know-how to structure a masterpiece. Aware of time.

You’re always seem to be involved in something Taurus, whether it has something to with the home, work, the kitchen, taking care of others.. well, you know what I mean. It’s your natural gift for design. You can simply look at something (or someone) and know what it needs, to be improved and happy. This month, Sun (ego, vitality) and Venus (love, money, values) join Mercury (communications, thoughts) in your house of Communications, Small Journeys, and Siblings. Those natural loving skills of helping others are about to pay off. You’ll be finding new ways to get out of routines, to spend more quality time with yourself, that attracts friends, old and new. Subscribe here for future posts. Kindness attracts kindness, and others will be naturally drawn to you. Jupiter will also shares his kindness, in more plentiful ways than you can imagine.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Eight of Swords: Censorship. Unable to make a move. Strained. Paralyzed fear. Avoiding the truth. Restriction. Self-doubt. Crisis. Social paranoia. Frightened of pain. Mentally challenged. Seeking approval from others to determine success. Foreseeing issues. Creative block. Self-conflict. Bondage. Indecision. Feeling trapped. Living in a prison. Seek within. Writers cramp. Solitude. Stage fright. Wrongdoings. Decisions on hold. Criticism. Making excuses. Worry of choices. Looking for a way out. Holding onto pain. Lost self. A time to find you.

You’ve kept your light-hearted wings awfully busy Gemini. The generous blessings with Jupiter in Gemini this past year, was an extra goodie to help improve your house of First Impressions and Self. Now Jupiter will shift into Cancer (subscribe here for future posts), joining Sun (ego, vitality) and Venus (love, money, values) join Mercury (communications, thoughts) in your house of Money and Values this month, putting a spotlight on what you have and value. With the benefits that Jupiter’s abundance and joy can deliver, you can expect to reap what you have sown, and more. A new sense of appreciation and belonging begins to develop.


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