Less is More. Sun, Jupiter in Virgo, Pisces Full Moon

Less is More. Sun, Jupiter in Virgo, Pisces Full Moon ~ Starcana Cosmic Dirt AstrologyJupiter enters Virgo. As I escaped work with an August two week summer vacation (yes, time away was amazing!), Jupiter finished up his one year transit through majestic Leo on Tuesday August 11. In this shift, lucky Jupiter entered analytical Virgo – where he’ll be occupied during the next twelve months… bringing fortune, opportunity and chance into the realms of work, service, hygiene, health, fitness, pets, cleanliness and inner wellness.

Expanding to move forward through reserved Virgo may not be so easy for the big giant Jupiter. The Virgo realm is decorated in simplicity, open space, the bare necessities, reserved communications, logic, less talk and more action. Jupiter carries much more; from common sense, education, to morals, religion, beliefs, trusted knowledge, along with informational weight from many life experiences with colorful story-telling. The grounded energy and ‘helpful’ criticism of Virgo will keep us in touch with reality and facts, to filter the load of exaggeration that Jupiter tends to bring.

We’re moving to simplify life and get back to basics – trimming the fat and excess of what we’ve learned, experienced, and still believe in – so that we can forgive, let go and get back to life. Through corrective weeding, we’ll stop relying on ‘information overload’ – which will allow us to tighten our belts and develop – how and where we need to.

Life is an adventure in forgiving. Norman Cousins

With a giant gambling Jupiter transiting through penny-pinching Virgo – risking details, strategy and finesse could jeopardize our gains. This of course, could stir up worries, anxieties, insomnia, restlessness, indigestion and intestinal issues. We could benefit from patience, self-reflection, stress management and the practice of meditation – at least until we get our life back into order.

Sun exited Leo on Sunday August 23, to join Jupiter and Mercury in perfectionist Virgo. During the next four weeks, we can be led to help ourselves by help others, which may also include constructive criticism. What we’re learning through our perception and realizations holds the key to what we’ve been looking for…. although we may be inclined to ‘zero in’ on the most minor, irrelevant details; which could lead us to overlook what’s been sitting right in front of us. In the meantime, we can…

– Flourish with more awareness with adaptability, by trimming what seems to lead us.

– Focus on the important details of our work, but also on our service to others, and ourselves.

– Prosper mentally, physically, financially and spiritually by recognizing and counting our current blessings.

– Have more gratitude, with less attitude.

We are healed from suffering only by experiencing it to the full. Marcel Proust

This week, Mercury (thoughts, communications) will exit serious Virgo on Thursday August 27, and enter charming Libra. Relating with others will be mostly on our mind, along with considerate thoughts, sweet flirtations, kinder communications, fair thinking, intellectual stimulation, agreements and negotiations – to find peace and balance. Lunar guidance will also comes this week on Saturday August 29 with the dreamy Pisces Full Moon. This Piscean energy helps to create release, endings, truth and answers – which may promise forgiveness, love and magic. Tarot insight [TwoSwordsrx/Foolrx]: Double trouble. Have a great week!

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  1. I don’t know much about Tarot, but I googled the meanings of the tarot cards (Two of Swords reversed & Fool reversed, I think?) and this full moon sounds really bad. Is it?

  2. Lovely Suzi
    Since discovering you last year, and then exploring the amazing insights you brought forth in your reading for me, I have always looked forward to your emails popping into my inbox. This one is a beauty and is like a big astrological as we all head into the next few exciting months. Thank you for your magic. Gx

  3. I meant to say ‘big astrological hug’ in my last message but somehow the hug flew off into the ether somewhere!

  4. Double trouble hon.

  5. You’re welcome Georgina, and thanks so much for th kind words, as Im glad that my work and insights are helpful for you! 🙂

  6. definitely somewhere lol…