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Starcana Tarot Astrology Spiritual ReadingsHi friends! There are a few speed bumps with relationships and finances this week with a fortunate Venus/Jupiter square on Mon. Nov 16 and a serious Venus/Saturn square on Thurs Nov 19. A ‘what goes up, must come down’ sort of vibe. In receiving a green light for positivity and growth… reality steps in, to caution us with responsibilities, self-discipline and where strings might still be attached. With an electric Mercury/Uranus opposition on Tues. Nov. 17, thoughts and communications are charged with excitement and genius ideas… or with agitation and anxiety. Rather than jumping ahead of ourselves this week (since speedy Mercury and assertive Mars are both direct), quietly observe to see what is actually happening – internally. Practice stillness.

I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. Pablo Picasso

Passion, sexual magnetism and intimacy are intensely stirred during the next four weeks. Venus (values, love and money) shifts from flirtatious Libra into sultry Scorpio on Sat. Nov. 21. We’ll want to taste and savor the deep, dark desires that are seducing us with Venus in Scorpio. While we love through loyalty and selflessness… jealousy, temptation and manipulation can mislead us.

As we attract something/someone that is mouthwatering to feed on, Sun (ego) will move into adventurous Sagittarius on Sat. Nov 21. In the four weeks ahead, we’ll live life through travel, positivity and generosity with Sun in Sagittarius. The meaning of your life has great potential in expanding. What will you be lighting on fire, to see where you’re growing? Starcana tarot insight: Mishandling what holds value. [AcePentacles/PageWandsRx]. Peace, ~Suzi

On a personal note: I thought I’d share that right after our Colorado adventure, I had a date with my tattoo artist Dan – and I was not disappointed! 💜🐘💜

I had a date with my tattoo artist Dan, at Unique Ink - and I was not disappointed!

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