Letting Go To Flow and Grow.

Letting Go To Flow and Grow | Starcana Cosmic DIrt Tarot Astrology SpiritualityHi friends! As we walk our path this week, we may be able to notice that the fog is fading while  clouds disappear between Mercury direct, and also with Mercury re-entering intense Scorpio, Tuesday November  10. Thoughts, communications and short journeys are moving forward again, and we’ll return back to where we last left off back in September. With a new rise in sensitivity and a bit of obsessiveness with Mercury in Scorpio, we’ll continue to dig deep for what we’re still looking for, to gain control again.

Depending on how our next steps are approached – we’ll enhance our creativity or our conflict – with a hungry Venus/Mars opposition on Monday November 9, a hopeful Sun/Neptune on Tuesday November 10 and an empowering Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on Thursday November 12.

There is no progress or accomplishment without sacrifice. Idowu Koyenikan

During the past ten weeks, a number of us have experienced some sort of sluggishness, lack of passion, limited activity or a sense of running on empty with Mars retrograde. Have you tasted the fatigue or lack of direction? Yet whatever we’ve attempted to recreate or rework, we’ll soon feel the change in energy that gets us moving forward as Mars stations direct on Friday November 13. Yep, we’re getting ready to pave new roads to get us where we’re going. Are you ready?

You’ve always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself. Glinda, The Wizard of Oz

As we return to where we left off back in September – spend some quality time thinking about your latest desires and how’ll create them with the Scorpio New Moon on Sunday November 15. Utilize these thoughts and feelings to feed hopeful dreams, fantasies and wishes – to plant New Moon seeds that are filled with magickal intentions. Stir in a little darkness, secrets, sexuality, passion and intensity – but don’t forget to include some purging and self-sacrifice – as this will be sure to score some big points. Starcana tarot insight: Creating from our own level of understanding. [Temperance/Empress]. For additional guidance, check out your tarot card in the November Tarotscope. New Moon Blessings! ~Suzi

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