Listening to Your Inner Guru | Jupiter Retrograde

This past weekend’s Libra Moon will carried into the new week on Monday March 5; encouraging a finer balance through relating and levelheaded advice. By mid-morning, this hunger will deepen as Moon slips into intense Scorpio. With a little mindfulness and careful investigation of what’s going on inside; pay attention to what is feeling empty and extremely undernourished.

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand. Proverb

As we search hard for what feeds our soul, Mercury (thoughts, communications, journeys) and Venus (values, love, money) will both exit from gentle Pisces on Tuesday March 6, and join Uranus (awakenings, changes) in warrior Aries. Our own selfish yearnings is what will be shifting us; setting our concentration and indulgences on fire. We’ll be excited for the hunt, but also for the chase over the next few weeks. And this can be extremely helpful in obtaining the fuel that we so badly need; if we hope to passionately burn and create new life.

Our passion are the true phoenixes; when the old one is burnt out, a new one rises from its ashes. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Jupiter Retrograde. As we focus on setting ourselves on fire (with help from the solar eclipse), Jupiter (abundance, blessings, fortune) will station retrograde on Thursday March 8. Rather than reach outside of ourselves to gain experience and growth, we’ll internalize this vast energy – which can help us to re-visualize, re-learn and reconnect – with what we’ve already learned and been gifted with. As we become a little more acquainted with ourselves during the next four months, we can better understand what we have to offer – to attract great wealth in fortune, positivity, luck, empathy and divine wisdom.

On the shadow side of the Jupiter retrograde; if we’d rather not look within (and hope for the best instead) – an unresolved situation could be revisited. Exaggeration, lack of appreciation or entitlement may be what leads us back down this same old road again – if we use the same uneventful approach.

If we can re-utilize our listening skills during the next few months, a great gift of knowledge can be accessed; which could help to re-educate who we are, and where we’re going. But without our own participation to take better charge of our travel through life, we could risk gambling with our blessed talents, purpose and direction in life.

Until we understand what is within, we can’t understand what is without. Anita Moorjani

We’ll approach a fork in the road on Daylight Saving Time, Sunday March 11; with an opportunity to choose our path as a sense of stubbornness triggers some unexpected deep change(s) under a dutiful Mercury/Saturn square, fearless Mercury/Uranus trine and transformative Sun/Pluto sextile. Acknowledge what you bring to the table, in order to appreciate and receive new insight – for inner guidance. Listen…to receive. And don’t forget to move your clock forward by one full hour! Starcana weekly tarot: Abandoning useless fears. [EightSwords/EightCups] Welcome to the jungle baby. ~Suzi xx

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