Live and Let Die. Scorpio New Moon, Solar Eclipse

Live and let die, Scorpio New Moon Mercury conjunct Saturn. Our wandering thoughts and ideas on Tuesday will receive a good dose of reality as Mercury conjuncts Saturn. This particular energy is quite solid, proving to be quite productive for those who are determined to solve problems, especially if we are willing to take a few steps backwards in order to analyze the issue, to understand where it had actually developed. At the same time, Saturn’s serious position is prepared to show us our present moment. It is, what it is. For some, these vibrations can ‘burst our bubble’, and rain on our parade. For those who tend to rely on the gloom that Saturn brings, fears can develop and solidify, which can cause stubbornness in our words and approach.

With Mercury in Scorpio, the information that we transmit to others will prove to be either empowering, or controlling. As a reminder from my last post, we will experience an inner confusion from the a ‘suffocation from unfiltered thoughts‘. What information is coming in and overwhelming you? Have you taken some quiet time for yourself to sort through this mental mess? What productive measures are you taking so that you may release all that you carry each day? If you are not able to breathe sufficiently through out your day and night, then you can not live peacefully. Figure out what has you all choked up, then find a way to let it out, the correct way. Be sure to find patience with yourself and others in the weeks ahead, especially as Trickster Mercury continues to play with us in the weeks ahead.

Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world. Gautama Buddha

Mars trine Pluto. Energy is powerfully raw and forceful on Thursday as Mars trines Pluto. With the locomotive energy of Mars  contained in earthy, workaholic Virgo, while Pluto’s regenerative force is in determined Capricorn – our possessions and attachments (emotional, material, spiritual, or physical) are able to receive an extreme makeover – if we are persistent. As we move forward with the intent to boldly create healthier changes, we can properly remove what is unnecessary or unhealthy, so that a new order and healing may be restored.

I’m choosing happiness over suffering, I know I am. I’m making space for the unknown future to fill up my life with yet-to-come surprises. Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love

Uranus square Pluto. Uranus squares Pluto for the fourth time on Friday, demonstrating inner chaos and outer destruction of tensions and pressures. Uranus the Awakener is challenged by Pluto the Transformer (now direct), and very capable of destroying what has been built, to allow change, individuality, and freedom – for the purpose of evolution. As written in a previous article: “The winds of change are upon us now. The rumblings from this cosmic storm intend to disturb whatever control that we may think that we have, and this includes the path in our direction. Severe weather alerts may continue to be in the forecast, accidents and fires in the news, along with issues with computers, technology, and electrical power. Chaos (Uranus) and destruction (Pluto) are key words to describe this particular energy, which is leading us toward an intense elimination. The Eclipses magnify our experience, while intensifying our emotions. These powerful vibrations ripple toward major changes, so that we can adjust our inner nature. And sure, some of us may assume that this is a ‘horribly gone wrong’ dead end. Or we can try to understand that there’s a genuine purpose behind it all. Just as the darkness of night, breaks into the dawn. And if we aren’t willing to do what is necessary for our own growth and happiness, you can bet that the heavens will have no problem doing it for us”.

Solar Eclipse / Scorpio New Moon. The New Moon on Sunday calls on us to embark on an inner journey for a new emotional cycle. This powerful Moon encourages us to distance ourselves from that which can emotionally distract us, so that we may tend to our own needs and personal intentions for the weeks ahead. In this lunar cycle, it is suggested that we seek a brand new approach to get what is needed, and required to solve our ongoing issue. Utilize this New Moon energy by connecting with your heart, to create fresh intentions. Quietly create your prayers, wishes, and dreams, then make them known to the universe. Then during the weeks ahead, take the necessary steps to help build, what you hope to create.

With the New Moon in Scorpio, our dark creative energy is calling for inner changes for outer transformations. We are to ‘bring in the new’ with an understanding that there must also be a sacrifice. Something similar in equal value, such as ‘an eye for an eye’, ‘closing a door, to open-door a door’. If you want respect, you must be willing to give respect. If you want love, then you must be willing to give love. In Scorpio, loyalty is a must, and blood is the proof. What are you willing to offer, so that you may savor New Moon Blessings?

This Scorpio New Moon is enhanced and magnified with a Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipses encourage change, that usually develop into some sort of disruption, chaos and ending, for major transformation. In the end, it will be for our best interest, even though it may not always feel that way. These cosmic vibrations will continuously be moving us, even when we aren’t aware, because this energy is known to last up to three to six months. To know what areas will most likely affect you, you can look at the house and/or planets in your chart that are energetically activated by this natural force.

Water Element. The water element is dramatically fluent and heavy in the cosmos now, with Sun and Mercury retrograde Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune retrograde Pisces. These high moistures influence stormy cycles that stir an accumulation of precipitation in our weather, while also increasing the wetness of our physical self, from intimate body fluids, while shedding blood, sweat, and tears. And in the midst of all this water, we must be like water – having self-control of our inner being – while at the same, allowing ourselves to be available and transformed on the outside. Without the flexibility that is needed to adapt and flow freely now, we could experience panic from the weight of our own rigidness – and drown in our own fears. Tarot insight: SevenPentacles/Devil: We become crippled from what we’ve been gathering. Starcana

You will never quite understand this or that thought until it went through you, until you experienced it yourself, until it went through your heart. Because nothing can really matter until it went through our emotions, our soul. You experience it and then you understand it. ~ Glenn O’Shannon

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Enjoy a fun and safe Halloween, and please don’t drink and drive. And don’t forget to turn the clocks back one hour as Daylight Savings ends on Sunday.

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