Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday March 10, Love is All We Need, Venus sextile Jupiter

Starcana Cosmic Dirt - Daily HoroscopeIt’s a day of big, Big, BIG love as Venus sextiles enormous Jupiter this morning, communicating that all we need is love. Venus (desires, values) flirts and desires with what has caught our eye, so we could be spreading the charm, the sweetness, and the extra cash to prove it. Optimism heightens as Jupiter rules generosity, knowledge, education, travel, law, publishing, fortune, and religion – so keep your listening ears turned on. Venus is transiting humanitarian Aquarius, and she is harmonizing nicely with Jupiter in noble Aries. It’s favorable energy to open our hearts and to allow love and goodness into our life. We’re ready to trust and experience joy, so communicate this the best way that you can to the universe. We may be ready to experience a new spiritual journey. Emotions are grounded yet cautious in serious Taurus Moon, but as we feel more stable, we’ll be ready to savor each and every mouthwatering moment. As Moon squares Neptune later tonight, we’re just going to be caught up in the moment without a care in the world.

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