Making Peace with the Enemy, Scorpio New Moon, Mars enters Libra

Making Peace With the Enemy, Mars enters Libra | Starcana Cosmic Dirt AstrologyScorpio New Moon. When we’re not really ready to truly let go, we conveniently find other ways to hold on, and sometimes it’s a little more tighter. And by clinging to these attachments, we’re also grasping to the past, routines that lead to limitations, current sufferings, and so on.

While the transformative Scorpio Sun (ego, identity) continues to bring a healing source of light into our most hidden darkness, the more investigative we can become with our thoughts and communications as Mercury transits Scorpio. Then Moon will join Sun; creating the New Moon on Veterans Day, Wednesday November 11.

Building up toward the New Moon in the next few days ahead, energy lessens, causing fatigue, sluggishness and even sleepiness. These lunar vibrations encourage our need to withdraw from others and the outer world, so that we may reconnect with ourselves. In this gentle downtime with temporary solitude, the energy from the New Moon urges for a new beginning and fresh start, that is collected from our fantasies, dreams and wishes.

You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, ‘I release the need for this in my life. Wayne Dyer

During quality moments in quietness, we can become aware of our attachments – while also experiencing the cravings that lurk inside the heart. In this stillness, our desires AND lingering attachments become our seeds of intention. We become our thoughts – which is why it’s so important to know exactly what we are communicating to the universe.

With the Moon in Scorpio, conjunct Jupiter (abundance, expansion) – it would be most beneficial to create personal and professional intentions that Scorpio influences, such as: endings, transformation, magic, joint resources, power, secrets, death, sex, or healing. As an example, find a place to begin by asking: ‘what am I holding onto, that is blocking my creativity, restricting my ability to flow, and is STILL leaving me feeling insecure and powerless’? Stop and listen for your answer, as it will help to design your cosmic goal. Allow the lunar vibrations to help in ‘letting go’ but also in ‘letting be’. By surrendering with the Scorpio New Moon, one can heal by embracing what is truly empowering.

And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me – shine on until tomorrow – let it be. The Beatles

Mars enters Libra. On Thursday November 12, aggressive Mars (energy) will exit analytical Virgo and enter balance-seeking Libra (relationships, partnerships) for the rest of the year. While we may hope to push forward AND fast in paving new roads to create new paths –  it may be incredibly frustrating to have to be cordial with others, and considerate in weighing our options. Our ‘inner fighter’ will be running up against some new boundaries, with new ways to exercise ‘the right way’ and ‘the not so right way’. With Mars in intellectual Libra, behavior can become classy, flirtatious and deliciously charming. Negotiating will be necessary, when bending the rules. If you’re involved with a fight, flirt with your enemy; fighting fair AND smart. Make love, not war. Tarot insight: Overloaded with expectations. [StarRx/TenWandsRx]

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