Mars enters Virgo, Forced into a Healthier Lifestyle, Lunar Eclipse, Aries Full Moon

Mars in Virgo Creating a healthy mindMars enters Virgo on Tuesday, and this six week transit will keep us actively creative and busy in our work and service to others, as well as caring for our pets, physical fitness, mental wellbeing, personal development and education. We’ll be encouraged to clean up the recent messes from the past weeks as Mars transit Leo. With Mars in Virgo, it’s not about creating the image or ‘talking the talk’. Instead, it will be about ‘walking the walk’, and making good on our words and promises. Actions and error(s) will be assessed, so that we may sanitize the current mess, and clean up our own act. To create this new order in life, we must first build AND maintain better priorities for ourselves. We must have a strong heart and mind, to live realistically, in the present moment. And if we hope to help and love others correctly, we must be able to help and love ourselves properly. By being aware and paying attention to the many erratic changes that we are experiencing as Uranus retrogrades in Aries, we can discover our own inner truth. Look in your astrological natal chart (or purchase a report here) to see which house Uranus is transiting, in order to cause chaos and disruptions – as strange new perspectives are being force upon us.

With November’s chaotic Uranus/Pluto square sending out vibrations – the magical power that is contained in our very core is desiring to explode. This deep shift can move grand mountains in our own foundation; to crack old attitudes, destroy worn out patterns, and plow through unhealthy behaviors and toxic situations. The ground we stand on could shake uncontrollably, as we try to control that which quivers deep within ourselves. With disciplined Saturn teaching us responsibility, while Jupiter believes in patching up the holes with better things – through self-control, we can direct our passions to a more healing path with Mars in practical Virgo.

How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. Sherlock Holmes

Mars in Virgo also has a dark side, where shadows may be casted should we concentrate on other’s flaws – rather than on our own imperfections. Worry, anxieties, restlessness, and insomnia can excel into overdrive if we ignore the physical exertion required to move forward in life. Mars is known as God of War, and this this supreme energy aims to improve and make things right. But it’s gold and raw vibrations can be brutal and forceful. It’s not always very pretty (depending on where you are standing), but we will be designing a new path that is more polished, from yesterday’s grime. The goal is to learn from unnecessary drama and our own impatience, so that we can recycle mistakes and bad behavior into a one of life’s lessons. It’s building muscle into our mind, body, and spirit – for a more peaceful mind and a happier lifestyle – based on simplicity.

A powerful breeze blows in with Wednesday’s Venus/Uranus trine. An opportunity for change begins to manifest as we acknowledge our hunger for excitement in the journey with Venus in Sagittarius, when we allow for spontaneity and truth with Uranus retrograde Aries. Flexibility will score points.

The peak of an emotional cycle is reached on Friday in the Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Intentions and thoughts that were created during the Libra New Moon now reaches their highest point – bringing us great insight, truth, and bold revelations. All is in full light while the unseen is revealed to us. Nothing is left hidden from our sight. This warrior Full Moon is ruled by Mars, God of War. Emotions will feed a need to take matters into our own hands – by releasing cage sensitivities – which will be based on either an act of heroism or selfishness. But the Full Moon is about letting go of fears – to shine our truth. The Lunar Eclipse also encourages a release of what we’ve been holding onto, while hugely magnifying our vulnerabilities. Get more insight with the October Tarotscope.

The dark is our finest teacher, and if we can stay awake thru it, the light does come. Lynn Rosenblood

How we choose to react is ALWAYS our choice, but also our karma. Saturday’s opposition between aggressive Mars and unreliable Neptune will require us to make some realistic adjustments as these uncomfortable energies can get heavily distorted and lost in confusion. We may be quite aware of the deceptive influences that Neptune has been painting for us, but the complications from next week’s Mercury retrograde will also enjoy playing tricks on us. It’s to our benefit if we can quietly step back to understand the concept and path to our dreams, while being as honest as we possibly can with others and ourselves. Otherwise, we could be ambushed by our hopes and good intentions, or deceived by our secrets and manipulations. Understand what you are sharing (or not sharing) that is about to bring you to a set of new crossroads.

Tarot insight from FivePentacles/FourCups: A poor investment drifts away. 

If you’re already experiencing some of these energies – feel free to discuss your individual story with the rest of us in the ‘comment’ section below.

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