May 2012 Tarotscope, Zodiac Sun Sign Horoscopes with Tarot and Astrology

Starcana Tarotscopes are a solar chart horoscopes with a twist of astrology and tarot for your zodiac sun sign. For additional insight, try my three card spread using your personal astrological information:

  • ▪ Your first card is your Rising sign, explaining your present.
  • ▪ Your second card is your Moon sign, for what challenges you.
  • ▪ Your third card is your Sun sign, what is developing.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Six of Pentacles: Gratification. Helping others. Fair share is delivered. Outcome is just. Karma received. Joy of giving and receiving. Reaping what has been sown. Generosity. Spread goodness. Healing within. Strengthening bonds. Truth. Connection with like-minds. Donation. Giving of oneself. Handshakes. Forgiveness. Favor returned. Love exchanged. Professional. Learning integrity. Moral lesson. Good fortune. A promise is kept and delivered. Appreciation. Respecting time. Creating trust. Stability. Scratching each other’s back. Material gain. Pay it forward.

Happy birthday Gemini! As Venus travels through your sun sign and House of First Impressions, you will be applying yourself to the magic that you are well known for. There’s no doubt that you will be establishing some strong bonds romantically and professionally during this cycle. As Venus begins to retrograde on the 15th, use this quality time to fill in voids; like collecting on some old financial debts that are due to you, and especially give back to yourself. Enjoy the results of your work with a little rest and relaxation, and make sure that you put some limits on that sweet tooth.


CANCER (June 20-July 23) Ten of Swords: Closure. Realization. Something new coming in. Truth sets us free. Ruin. Winded. Passing success. Mental anguish. Exhaustion. Becoming aware. Minimal improvement. Sadness. Hash words.. Pain. Almost. So close. See circumstances from a different side of the table. An ending. Disappointment. Giving up more than bargained for. Grief. Answer is not what we expected. Feeling the pain from a loss. It is over. The end. The worst is finished. Puzzled with confusion. Tears. What happens when one assumes. Mistakes from lack of research. Hard facts. Grand finale. Breaking free.

Moon is the ruler of your sign, and her big event is on the 5th (also in celebration of Cinco de Mayo). Moon’s full ray of light increases your sensitivity, while exposing your true inner power. Your non-negotiable response with direct reactions will prove that you’ve had enough with excess drama. You may choose to move away from that with blocks you to be peaceful. A dramatic change in House of Romance determines what you choose to be receptive to. Dance to the song in your heart, for it will lead you to the true place of comfort.


LEO (July 23-August 22) Knight of Pentacles: Making responsible decisions based on learned lessons. Dependability. Scholar. Teacher. Willing to adapt to a situation without losing self. Stable friend helps with direction. Pursue the dream. The right way counts. Honorable decisions. Building character. Loner wolf. Favorable decisions. Morals matter. Extension. Taking control. Learn and growing. Progress. Applying work. Struggle disappears. Meditation. Conscientious. Change with patience and caution. Continuance to study. Good news. Positive shift in finances or education.

Socializing and making new friends becomes your motivation as Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th. You’ll be more active for the next few weeks, collecting a lot more information for ideas as to what you would like to accomplish next. The Sun illuminates your House of Status, and also your House of Hope and Wishes this month, putting you exactly where you shine the best – at front stage. You’re grabbing more attention and new groupies, so dress your best and BE your best. Downplay your ego and fears to expose the trueness in your heart.


VIRGO (August 22-September 23) Four of Cups: Turning away from generosity and kind acts. A search or understanding. Self-searching. Solitude. Boredom is overwhelming. Self-focused energy. Self-awareness. Unconsciously asking for help from a higher source. Having nowhere else to go. It’s time to lean on self. Getting therapy and advice. Opportunities are available. Time to center. Ignoring others to calm inner sensitivities. Nurturing the soul. Dissatisfied with life. Questioning our own motives. Privacy is necessary. Taking much personally. Mending hurt feelings.Overwhelmed with confusion. Given too much away . Replenishing our own resources. Self-healing. Unable to see what is truly available because of absorption of self. Introverted. Unavailable. Solitude produces brilliant creations. Learning from our own behaviors. The lights are on, but no one’s home.

As Mars continues to add courage in your House of Impressions, you are being pushed to learn about yourself. You full potential is demonstrated, once you get out of your own way. Your ruler Mercury is also transiting in Aries, helping you to quickly create new ideas with new ways to go about your life. As Mercury enters Taurus on the 9th, you’ll slow down and get two weeks to figure out a real blueprint of goals. In your House of Higher Learning, your inner teacher turns student again – introducing you to quality performance of your style, with much less work. Know thyself.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Two of Pentacles: We submit to our duties and responsibilities. We’re quite capable of whatever we do now. Keep nose to the grindstone. Distraction could lead you off-course. We do better when we play by the rules. We’re doing a balancing act to keep up with life. A lesson in determination and focus. Self-esteem is on the mend. Empowered by a financial promise. I know I can, I know I can. We learn that every action has a reaction. Multi-tasking draws out a deep force within us. Money returns. It’s a time to work hard as well as play hard. Life is balancing for us. Learning how to utilize our skills.

During your journey to find balance, Saturn continues to retrograde your Sun sign, and your House of First Impressions. You are learning to be responsible for those you keep company with – by holding true to how you represent yourself – rather than parading behind a mask. The Scorpio Full Moon highlights your House of Possessions on the 5th, with a strong inner urge to remove what has left you feeling emotionally drained. As your ruler Venus retrogrades on the 15th, you may find yourself being tempted to satisfy your needs, your own way. Remember kindness.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Queen of Cups: Imagination frees us from staleness. Our ears are wide open. Cleansing. Emotions calm. Serenity. The heart is ruling the head. healing. We’re an open book. Vulnerable. Logic serves no purpose. We’re available to trust. Feeling good. Love is in the air. Self-nurture. Taking care of others. Wholeness. Our realm is kindness. Gentleness becomes us. Good natured person comes along. Natural alternatives to detox. Direction from our feelings. We feel at peace. We receive the understanding that we have been seeking. Motherly Advice. Connected to the earth. Listening. Happiness is ours.

Intense energy is what you are swimming through, and this cycle bursts on the 5th as the Full Moon beams brilliantly in your Sun sign, but also in your House of Self. Secrets are exposed, and major transformations are generated to reflect the dominating power of your love and dedication. Your ruler Pluto is retrograde, forcing you to face a reoccurring issue that continues to deplete your energy. With Pluto in your House of Communications, you need to research the information that you’ve been transmitting (or not transmitting) about your intentions.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Three of Cups: Healing energy. Harmony. Good fortune is upon you. Artistic expression. Support. Creative expressions. Connected to others. Experience love. Friendly compromise. Happiness. Approval from a social circle. Singing a song. Coming to a full circle. Relief. Happy ending. Fortunate results. Spirit dances. A female coven. Trust is developed. A bond is created. Rituals. Prayers. Overcoming obstacles. Celebration. Blood is thicker than water. receiving an invitation. Joy. Fulfillment. Old souls unite. Sweet talk. Friendship is born. Stagnation ends. Spiritual abundance. Networking. An open-mind flows. Enjoy the ride.

The Scorpio Moon reflects life-changing truth on the 5th. Your House of Karma is lit up for everyone to see, and you become enlightened as you come face to face with your deepest fears. This is the right time to understand what makes you tick, and to outgrow unhealthy patterns. As you release, your ruler Jupiter will expand blessings in your House of Work and Health. The Sun will shift into your House of Relationships, creating healing connections in those that you keep in your life, or have lost. Heal thyself.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Knight of Cups: Some comes along who isn’t who they say they are. Manipulation. Blowing smoke up your wazoo. Snake charmer. Be careful of thoughts and words that have been tainted. Slippery and not for keeps. False promises. Someone may be seeing what they can get out of you. Lack of sincerity. Lacks compassion. Nonexistent feelings. Strong potential of deceiving ourselves. Seeing we want to see. Attaching and hoping for possibilities. It’s okay to question.

Travel is still on the agenda as Mars moves through your House of Higher Learning. You are either teaching yourself through more books, research and classes ~ or through karmic experiences from life and your decisions. Venus retrogrades on the 15, and you are faced with unresolved situations in your House of Work and Service. As Pluto continues to transform your House of Impressions, and the Full Moon lights up your House of Friends and Wishes, major changes will be a blessing in disguise.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Seven of Pentacles: Good news arrives. You are creating your own sense of success or failure. If you want more than you have received – prove it and create a new path for yourself. Help is on the way. Financial good news nears. Hard work. Clever process. Material Progress. Growth, Money. Rewards are due, make your last minute adjustments to ensure profit. The tools for transformation are in your hands. You are responsible for your life, and your determination and stamina will keep your life and business fruitful. Ingenuity. Slow progress, but profitable. You’ve sown your seeds, now you can rest and see what begins to sprout from all of your effort. You shall reap what you have sown.

Saturn is retrograde in your House of Higher Learning, with valuable lessons to a better path. You may find yourself re-learning all that you have accumulated. Life may be on pause, forcing you to deal with the same old problem until you get it right: for all parties involved. Your ruler Uranus is settled in your House of Communications, where you deliver inspiration with rebellion in your words. You may think you know more, but Saturn knows better and he’s teaching you to listen to him, to others, and to yourself. If you want change and individuality, then just say so. Avoid misunderstandings. Reinvent your beautiful self.


PISCES (February 19-March 20) Ten of Cups: Joy. Looking for a reason to celebrate with loved ones. Trust is restored. Triumph. Love. Tears of triumph. Moved by the love of others. True friendship. Contentment. Tender moments enjoyed. Money can’t buy love. Home is where the heart is. Spirituality. Finding faith. True wisdom is ours. Balanced chakras. Reflections of kindness. Dancing beneath a waterfall. Dreams are fulfilled. Positive feelings. Adding color to our life. Filled with great peace and comfort. Love thy neighbor. Good surroundings. Family circle seals. An end to a long cycle. Showered in affection. Emotional bliss. A wish is been granted. Happiness. A rainbow after the storm. Togetherness. Swelling with goodness. Enjoyment from the simple things in life. Sweet endearments. A spiritual river flows through us.

There’s a lot happening in the cosmos, and as the Scorpio Moon intensifies on the 5th, you are much more powerful in the way that you control your emotions for the direction that you lead. There is a deep ‘knowing’ as your intuition speaks ‘the unthinkable’ to you. What you receive is your magical truth, but it may disappear with a blink of an eye. Try not to attach yourself to the mystical moment, but instead, manifest a clean break from what you’ve known and accepted. A clean slate allows your imagination to stir a whole new perspective. Bubbles were made to be burst.


ARIES (March 21-April 19) Five of Cups: All is not lost. Worry. Regret. Crying over spilled milk. Disillusionment. A relationship or partnership doesn’t fulfill it’s potential. Don’t make the situation or your feelings bigger than they are. Turn to self for the love and sympathy that you are searching for. Look for the positive in what you are experiencing now. Let go of what is not real. Bitterness during a struggle to release. making a mountain out of a molehill. Only the weak spots are gone, you still have much to be grateful for. Love the one you are with. Grieving memories. A great strength is found as you let go of that which you hold on most to. Release the negativity, so that new trust may be found. Holding on to what isn’t working anymore. Detach from the unsolved issues and look for new inspiration.

You have the itch, but are you doing anything about productive with it? You may feel stunted as Saturn continues to retrograde in your House of Relationships. If you want to be number one, then you need to look after and care for others, as well as for yourself. It’s time to make things right. As Venus retrogrades on the 15th, you may think you are sly about getting what you want as she transits your House of Communications. Just remember that Saturn will deliver consequences to what you may falsely deliver. Uranus in your House of Impressions is creating big changes in what you allow people to see. You’re a super hero, so prove it by re-building some muscle ~ not for looks, but for saving people.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Two of Swords: Peacemaking choices. Silence is golden. Aware of brewing storm. Inner peace. Withdrawing from issues. It’s nothing personal, just business. Making the best of a situation. Harmony. Power of the mind. Foresee flaws. Stalemate. Kind acts. Decency. Relaxed attitude. Wearing a poker face. Courteous manners. Bite the tongue on personal views. Remain polite. Opinion-less. Remain tactful to maintain decent relations. Holding onto distance. Healthy boundaries. Head and heart balance. A handshake.

Anything you want, is yours. Jupiter and Sun continue to heal and bless you with goodness as they transit your Sun sign, and House of Self. Perhaps life and your wardrobe has become more inflated as your plate became full. Be careful of gluttony as your ruler Venus retrogrades on the 15th, and also as Mercury enters your Sun sign. You may decide that you still aren’t quite satisfied. As the Scorpio Full Moon enchants your House of Partnerships, you may experience some extreme changes in what you attach yourself to, and what you feel you have control of. Less is always more.


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Tarot artwork from ©1991 Robin Wood Used with Permission.

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