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Starcana Cosmic Dirt AstrologyLife has been in a deep transition as we’ve slowly been coming to an end of a cycle in Pisces, and forced into a new birth in Aries. Some of us may be SO over much of the wishy-washiness that usually will come with the ‘back and forth’ flapping of the Pisces fishtail. But in this unbalanced flip-flopping, we can either choose to responsibly ‘power up’ and move onto fresher and higher streams…. or forfeit all potential, by relying on unreliable sensitivities that let us slip us back in the the downstream, to re-experience what we need – in order to move on and understand the lesson.

As we try to recreate our new chapter, the Aries stellium produces a daredevil energy that intensely heats things up. This fire makes us move a lot faster than normal, which pushes us take control and handle matters immediately, as we set our sights on a new direction. Reacting and jumping to conclusions has it’s own teachings, just as looking for opportunities has it’s own process. Depending on your own individual path (upstream or downstream), what you need to learn in this new cycle will be demonstrated in your own decisions and behaviors. So it would be wise to be aware and mindful of the path that you are choosing, especially while we are under the influence of Aries, and its brave masculinity. In this fiery element, we will think later, because we are strongly driven to speak and act first. Starting new projects and taking risks will come easy, because we’re electric (Uranus) and on fire. We’re focused on creating new life, not gloomy consequences (Saturn). Fire is energizing and exciting. It moves fast and strong. It is also all-consuming and dangerous when we allow the ego to lead us. With self-control, we can smoothly direct our energy in a way, so that it works FOR us, rather than against us – as mentioned in the recent Aries New Moon post.

Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are. Bernice Johnson Reagon

After two squishy months, Mercury (thoughts, communications) removed the filmy vision of Pisces, as he entered the new sights of Aries this weekend. The temperature is turned up considerably in the next three weeks, setting our mind on fire. Fun, enthusiasm, and confidence shines as fresh ideas burst, allowing us to see and learn new ways. But just as our mind is on fire – so is our tongue – and it can heat up conversations like never before. In many ways, this can be a good thing as we are more available to take a new route to an old problem. We can be more brave in bringing up a foreign topic that had once been feared. We can vocalize our intentions, say what we are thinking, and share what we’ve been learning. We’re more courageous and daring in our pursuits in the weeks ahead, as futuristic visions magically appear in front of our eyes. We’ll be thinking more outside the box, and experimenting with new methods from unpaved roads – to enhance our story (Jupiter).

Instead of resisting emotion, the best way to dispel it is to enter it fully, embrace it & see through your resistance. Deepak Chopra

On the shadow end, our fearless tongue can be stirred from the ego, which can cause trouble in problems with narcissism, overconfident boasting, and extremely intense disagreements. Have patience now. Learn to think first, before speaking and reacting. Don’t be distracted by what others bring (or don’t bring) to the table during this very highly flammable time. Instead, utilize your passionate vision to redesign and transform weaknesses (Saturn) into powerful strength (Pluto). Dream and hold a meaningful vision that truly inspires your soul, and involve yourself in creating a seed of intention.


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