Merging by Branching Out ♥ Neptune Direct, Taurus Full Moon

Merging by Branching Out, Neptune Direct, Taurus Full MoonVeteran’s day. To ALL who serve and have served, our heroes and fallen soldiers, I thank you for serving our country and for protecting our freedom.

Neptune Direct. Neptune is the planet of compassion, imagination, and divinity, but also associated with illusions, self-deception, and addictions. In the past five months during Neptune retrograde, we have conveniently been able to dodge the outside world, while escaping what reality has held for us. During Neptune retrograde, we’ve done a lot of reminiscing and reflection on emotional experiences that persuaded us to backstroke through nostalgia and pieces of our imagination, so that we might recreate our dreams.

What are you trying to accept and adjust to, in order for life & love to flow smoothly again?

Neptune will station direct on Wednesday, encouraging us to move forward, in order to return back to the real world. And as we do, we can take what we’ve learned in the past months about ourselves, our fantasies, and maybe even our delusions – so that we might blend our illusions and dreams with the reality that waits for us. Something inside has noticably melted us, to powerfully shift. And as these vibrations continue to find open holes in our hearts and our minds, we may want to ponder about where we have softened in the last five months. What are you trying to accept, and adjust to… in order for life & love to flow smoothly again? It’s like a large body of water that releases control, so that new waters may branch off and cover more territory. We too, can merge, while flowing and growing into crystal clear waters… while never losing our connection.

Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past. Lily Tomlin

Because we’ve been able to merge with our inner vibrations, we’re still relying on the beating from our own heart, and the whispers from our true soul. These memories, fantasies and inspirations are all that we have left to keep the faith – that can hopefully bring us ‘back home’. By embracing our divine, emotional experiences, we can survive the harsh world of reality and responsibilities. These sweet Neptunian temptations will be experienced as we dissolve back into our hallucinations and healing inspirations through poetry, mysticism, artistic pursuits, addictions, meditation, intuition, lies, creativity, music, spirituality, religion, and our heavenly space of divinity.

Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God. Ram Das

Life might seem a bit more clear with Mercury stationing direct, but we should still use caution in the weeks ahead as this communication trickster can still play games with us. And with Neptune being so sensitive, indecisive, and quite murky, we’re urged to follow the path with the least resistance.  It will be through trust and intuition that will help us to find our way through the dark, not control.

Through the flexibility of understanding and compassion, we can move past persistent obstacles. We can give ourselves permission to release, so that we might forgive. With acceptance, we can once again merge, by adapting to dissolve boundaries. We can plunge into our present reality, and drench it with all the beauty that we hold inside of ourselves. And as we saturate it with understanding and gentleness, we can successfully glide into a powerful place called love.

It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution. Oscar Wilde

Taurus Full Moon. To help us with the theme this week, we can become overwhelmed with much emotion as the Full Moon generously splurges with light and love on Sunday. Intentions that we have sent out during the Ecliptic Scorpio New Moon peak in this cycle. What we’ve been seeking for truth and direction, is revealed in light, through darkness. The Full Moon is the ideal time for us to step into the limelight, to make ourselves seen, and giving life all that we got, with our very best shot. And with the Full Moon in fruitful Taurus, we’re bound to be more generous, or receive generosity – physically, materially, or financially. With an influence from Jupiter retrograde, we’ll be more determined to create wiser investments with what (or who) we love. The opposition with the Scorpion Sun, adds a touch of quiet stubbornness as the card we have up our sleeve – preventing that we don’t gamble everything away, including ourselves. We’re not afraid to do what is necessary with Mars in workaholic Virgo and Taurus’ ruler Venus in entrepreneur Capricorn – but we will expect real results, with the very best for our buck.

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  1. Somebody should comment! I have comets on the mind, so definitely saw a connection in your post. That’s what it’s all about, a/the connection, primarily “electrical” and/or vibrational. You mentioned the release and melting/pouring through the holes. Some comets may be chunks of ices, but many are not.

    I find it poignant that you used some typical metaphors for what comets are supposed to be and yet also mention the illusionary insistence that is forced(by self too!) upon us… Sure they melt and spew, but what is more likely going on is the interaction with the insanely powerful forces of the giant electro-magnet in the sky! It affects us profoundly as well of course, as do the planets, the moon and other heavenly bodies.

    Oh and I like this buzz about crystals being extremely more conducive when exposed to light!!! Like this was news to us!!! I thought they knew already! We’ve been putting our crystals out in the sun or full moon for THOUSANDS of years and somebody finally ACCIDENTLY discovers this!

    Anyways sure do enjoy your interpretations!

  2. Thanks so much for connecting and sharing, I really love it when the magic happens. ♥

  3. Gemini Moon says

    This is such a wonderful post. I have the Sun-Mercury-Venus all in Pisces so I’m quite Neptunian in nature. The Full Moon brought some painful events: My dearest friend of almost seven years died suddenly on Saturday. I know there is a lesson in all of this. Being an Astrologer certainly helps.

    Thank you for all you do Suzi!

  4. Thank you so much or stopping by and sharing. Very sorry to hear about your friend, sending prayers and love your way.