Cosmic Dirt, October 8 2012

The work week begins with a vibrational Cancer Moon, so as we experience, we are empowered with instantaneous shifts. This energy is very moving internally, which can be unsettling in less stable relationships, but for work it is passionate and increases our flow in direction. With the recent shift of Mars (energy, action) in high-spirited […]

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 Horoscope

In the wee hours of the morning, Luna hidden deep within her own shadows, escaping the limelight in the dark moon, also known as the New Moon. Like our lunar goddess, we too, withdraw from the outer world, as we seek inner guidance and truth. Notice as you try to escape the nonsense and the […]

Thursday December 30 Horoscope

After three weeks of having to rewire what we had lost communications with, along with broken down technology such as: phones, faxes, appliances, vehicles, major equipment, etc.. Mercury finally gets his head on straight and stations direct on Thursday December 30. We’ve had three generous weeks to REmember, REview, and REexpress ourselves in order to […]