Monday December 27, 2010 Horoscope

Today’s Virgo Moon is still trying to digest everything that has been going on around us for the past few days, so we’ll probably welcome some of the quietness that is delivered on Monday December 27. Many of us are eager to settle back into our daily routine, which is favorable timing to schedule, organize, and plan. We’re minding our own business. Our emotions are level as we stay occupied and work for our future. Although our thoughts are in high gear and most likely switching in and out of lanes with Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, we could physically have a hard time keeping up! Distractions are quite possible. Use of positive affirmations, exercise, or meditation can be of great use to calm obsessive thoughts and useless worries. Morning is good for looking into our finances, making business calls, and putting life into order. In the afternoon, Moon enters Libra, and emotional heaviness slowly fades, as our outlook craves for something light and breezy. Libra Moon encourages our interest in socializing, creating balance, and keeping up with the latest gossip! It is favorable for reconnecting with others, pleasing our professional or personal partnerships, working as a team, and sprucing up our image. In the evening, dark clouds roll in as Luna opposes freedom seeker Uranus, which can cause an inner struggle between our emotional needs and visions for tomorrow. Someone will be defiant, could that be you? Then she squares Pluto (transformation) and Sun (self), leaving us to feel threatened and questioning our own integrity. A little silence and solitude tonight could create a safe shelter to protect us from the storms of self-doubt. Spend quality time reconnecting with your higher self. ‘When your heart is filled with love, you will experience the Divine in the entire cosmos.’ Tarot insight from the Nine of Swords rx/Three of Swords rx: Excessive analyzation will rip open old scars, Be in the present. Make it a great day, Starcana