Moving Mountains for Our Business, Mars enters Capricorn ~ November 16

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Mercury (communications) began his retrograde journey last week, and then stepped back into Scorpio on Wednesday, to resolve unfinished business from his last visit in October. Think back to last month, to see where you got distracted with what still needed resolved. Dig deep into where assumptions and misunderstandings had originally taken place. Mercury re-joined Sun, Moon, Saturn, and the comforting trine with Neptune, which increases our sensitivities in the way we receive information, with powerful vibrations that will determine the direction that we choose to follow. Scorpio energy is wet-based energy, which can  transform information that was shared last month, into something new, if we express what we meant in a different way. Mercury retrograde encourages healing when we can relax our poisonous stinger to become a good listener – rather than positioning ourself into defense mode.

Over the next few weeks of the retrograde, be sure to do a self-check as to what information is actually being presented, because what we put out will be much more courageous and intense, and in some cases, this can lead to unconscious intimidation to the other party. To simplify, use kindness. This is important for us to remember because the changes that take place in next three to six months will depend on it with the recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Major transformations and chaos are related to eclipses, but so is the deadly behavior of Scorpio.

The heavy weight on our shoulders will be TaskMaster Saturn, making the struggle much more difficult with his karmic life lessons. Saturn is here to steer us right, so not to sound too cliche, but if you understand the context of this information in regards to your own individual situation, then consider yourself warned. Scorpio is generously gentle, loving, and understanding, but should there be a whiff of dishonesty, lack of loyalty, and so on… well, that protective stinger won’t be afraid to ‘take you out’. Don’t believe me at my words. Do your homework. Google ‘scorpio’, or pay attention as to what is happening in the news. ‘As within, So without’. The Scorpion energy can enhance our inner darkness.. setting free fierce jealousy, insecurities, and obsession, from inner needs of dominance and control, with potent levels of severity, revenge, and destruction. Makes me think of the movie I watched: ‘Release the kracken’. But of course, this is in the worst case.

To be creative we need five conditions, Space, Time, Time, Confidence and Humor. John Cleese

Mars (energy) will leave ‘happy go lucky’ Sagittarian behind tonight, to reach for his favorite pair of hiking boots as he enters ambitious Capricorn. In the next six weeks of this transit, we take what we’ve learned recently, to seriously work hard towards our goal for greener pastures. Real, responsible steps are suggested to pick up the pieces, and build our empire. We’ll be working with reduced levels of energy, so that actions can be better controlled in what we are constructing. The more work, the higher we go, the better the view, and the clearer perspective of what are stabilizing into our world. We’re framing to secure what is considered ‘our business’. Maybe this is the career, your store, home, family, relationship, the love of our life, self, finances, status, etc. Actions taken will prove agendas and what takes priority. The important stuff that we hold in our circle is where valuable time and energy will be invested. Invest wisely.

Mars in Capricorn is fueled with a desire to create respect and status. We’re looking to gain, by moving our strength and power to what matters most. Our actions with Mars in entrepreneur Capricorn are determined, steady, and committed, especially with the powerful inner strength that Pluto (transformations, regeneration) in Capricorn brings to the table. Mars needs to move, move, move, so it’s definitely bull-dozing time as we plow, reshape, and develop. What isn’t left in our dust, will be piled onto our new creation of importance. Assumptions and confusion under this Mercury retrograde can miscommunicate intentions. Be clear and precise in what direction you are taking to avoid hazardous mistakes.

With redesigned blueprints and new intentions from the recent New Moon in Scorpio, we are to carefully reflect and remove the inner culprit/defect that has become moldy, to manifest something more genuine and stable. Rinse away guilt, regrets, and the unforgiven with the unconditional love and compassion of Neptune, as nothing may leave you feeling more clean and relaxed. Saturn provides us with a good dose of reality for accountability, so look within for weaknesses, rather than elsewhere for blame. If there is enough room in our heart to love, genuine acts are what will move great mountains, not more promises.

Never give up. When your heart becomes tired, just walk with your legs – but move on. Paulo Coelho

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  1. oh my stars!!! synchronicity, or WHAT??? When I saw the image you chose, right away I felt aligned with the Universe. As they say, “Great minds think alike.” 🙂 For the past two days I’ve been hiking with the hubby & one very gleeful pup. We live on a half parcel of land (320 acres) so there’s always something new to discover. An example, yesterday brought us face to face with our local resident hoot owl ~ totally magical moment! Am thankful for each new day & the changes that unfold, “within/without.”

    Much LOVE, always!!

  2. Always seems ones Joy is doubled when Shared. 🙂 (-:

    Spread The LOVE, right!?