New Moon Blessings

New Moon Astrology

Honor Your Sacred Inner Temple

The New Moon is a powerful cosmic event, which represents the start of a new emotional cycle. In the conjunction of Sun (Father) and Moon (Mother), compatibility is created between our will (Sun) and our heart (Moon). ‘What we need’ harmonizes nicely with ‘who we are’, which helps to enable us to reach deep within our very core, to empower true potential. We are blessed with a new emotional beginning, and we must service ourselves first, before we can truly be of service to others. The New Moon provides us with this magical timing, so that we may create new opportunities for ourselves. We are encouraged to dream up our most ultimate needs and private desires. So go ahead and create your fantasy. Dream the impossible dream. Make a wish. Have a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself questions. Eventually you’ll be answering yourself, with more questions. This helps to refine and finesse your most truest intention. The more that we involve ourselves in conjuring up our thoughts with connected feelings – the more we can figure out what we want, and what we need. By the time that we determine what it is that we have been actually seeking, we will already begin to cast seeds of our intentions into the universe.

Creativity – like human life itself – begins in darkness. Julia Cameron

The New Moon is the ideal time to embark on a new inner journey of the soul. The energy is quite potent as strong forces brew. Be sure to carefully write down goals, to design ‘well-planned’ intentions. Doing this will help to avoid any confusions, but will also show us how we can appreciate what we have received, in regards to what we expressed. This sort of goes along the lines of ‘be careful what you wish for, because you just may get it’. Create new intentions to re-adjust sensitivities, so that we can re-adjust our approach. Pursue an inner shift that creates a brand new chapter, so that a new ending may be written for our story. So go ahead, and make a wish, state your affirmation, and set your intentions. And remember to stay practical and grounded, by dedicating real energy and time into the weeks ahead – by working WITH the heavens.

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. Mark Twain

As we participate with these powerfully creative and dark vibrations, great knowledge can be manifested. If we all would become a little more aware of who we actually are (and what we have brought to the table), we could actually be more a little more conscious of what we are creating in our workplace, our relationships, and our world. But we must first come to terms, by putting the past behind us; from outcomes, reactions, opinions, to assumptions. None of it matters anymore – and it shouldn’t – because the past doesn’t exist. Whatever restrictions or struggles that we have come up against, had developed from our own weakness. Find a way to improve flaws. Accept that you are part of the problem, to become part of the solution. Evolve.

But in this dark lunar phase, life will become more quiet and reserved. In this stillness, it is not uncommon for many of us to feel more irritable, sensitive, sluggish, or uncomfortable if we stray from our comfort zone. It is a kind reminder that encourages us to take better care of ourselves and our needs. ‘As above, so below’. Just as Luna has an effect on the earth’s tides, the fluids of our brain and body are also affected. ‘As within, So without’. Remember to replenish and hydrate to keep balance. We can also start with some inner energy healing, by releasing trapped toxins and stressful tension by creating a source of constant inner flow to to our inner sacred temple. And while it is always important to talk with your physician first, I personally always work with some of the basics:

  • Improve fitness and sleep schedule, for better rest.
  • Include more fruits and vegetables to diet, for better brain and body heath.
  • Quench body’s thirst with water, water, and more water.
  • Meditate daily. Center within, to ‘come home’.

Basic New Moon Meditation

I always encourage an investment of our time and energy. Just ten minutes can make a difference if we are being true to ourself. When we can temporarily become one with ourself, our inner voice will speak in great volumes. This allows the universe to tune in and listen too. Wear comfortable clothes if necessary and create a comfy spot for your quiet minutes. Quiet music can be of assistance, as well as incense, candles, stones, photographs, jewelry, flowers, mirrors, affirmations, and whatever else you might find useful to create this for yourself. Last, know your dream, to reach your dream.

Start with eyes closed, while slowly just paying attention to your breath. Just take your time. There is no rush. Quiet distractions around you, by closing your eyes and ears to the outside world. Once settled and comfortable, quietly consider the place where you are right now in your life, whether good or ‘not so good’. It’s a time to accept your present situation, only right now at this moment. Center on your inner energy only, aware of how far your heart has traveled to reach this point in your life. Inhale: creativity. Exhale: possibilities.

Continuing to take slow, deep breaths. Embrace this quiet place within you, and do it in a way that you can remember how to reach it again. This is where your serenity and inner peace exists. Allow yourself to feel an inner flow, while visualizing a gentle movement that leads you toward a new path. Breathe deeply, be flexible, and let your mind, body, and spirit be romanced and swayed with inner waves. Surrender to a new stream of purity and healing. Inhale: creativity. Exhale: possibilities.

Homework: Sunshine for the Soul

You know what matters? Positivity. We can become actively involved and create a luscious green lawn, or we can complain about the weather and settle with crabgrass. Attract sunshine, or Attract rot. When negativity strikes, think positive. How? Be appreciative for the simple things in life. Show gratitude for the air you breathe, the water you drink, and for the sunshine and shelter that keeps you warm and protected.


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