New Moon in Libra, Let Peace Begin with Me

Chaos Change EvolutionThe week starts with an electrical charge, as theatrical Leo Moon trines inspirational Uranus, with a conjunction to Mars on Monday. It feels like we’ve got a little more control as we add some spice back into the life. Dress for the part that you are auditioning for, as this energy enhances our need for glamour, leadership, romance.. and sharing our sassy roar.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. Buddha

Mercury in Scorpio (communications, thoughts) will trine Neptune (imagination, divinity) on Tuesday, which will allow us to tune into our intuition, and logic. Indulging into a creative and higher outlet can help us to magically understand, forgive the past, and absorb healing energy. At the same time, we must be careful to not to allow assumptions to get the best of us, or the facts. And during this shadow period of the nearing Mercury retrograde, we should be aware of the information that we are transmitting to others. In these weeks ahead, communications become cross-wired, either to increase present misunderstandings and arguments – or to mentally review what has failed  – in order to fix and resolve the issue. With a greater sense of awareness, we can overcome obstacles during a confusing Mercury retrograde cycle.

Love me or hate me, both are in my favor. If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart. If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind. William Shakespeare

The winds of change are in the air, while storms begin to brew with Tuesday’s Sun/Pluto square, Thursday’s Sun/Uranus opposition, and November’s chaotic Uranus/Pluto square – which reminds of what we have outgrown. This energy encourages break-ups, breakdowns, and/or breakthroughs – with the keyword as ‘change’, because only in change can we actually evolve and truly grow. To avoid inner challenges and friction, try the alternative route. Once we decide to get out of our own way, through flexibility… we will then understand that other options actually DO exist.

Anxiety, heartbreak, and tenderness mark the in-between state. It’s the kind of place we usually want to avoid. The challenge is to stay in the middle rather than buy into struggle and complaint. The challenge is to let it soften us rather than make us more rigid and afraid. Pema Chödrön

Friday’s New Moon will invite us onto a new emotional cycle. It’s the ideal time to quietly withdraw and reserve our energy in this powerful timing, so that we may withdraw from the outer world, to create new intentions through meditation, prayers, and inner connections. With the New Moon in balanced Libra, it is more beneficial to see results from our hopes and wishes when they focus on: togetherness, peace, truth, justice, equality, gentleness, balance, flirtations, kindness, fairness, socializing, the facts, charm, and polite considerations. Intentions for the Libra New Moon should allow us to be able to want peace for others, and for ourselves. May you fully experience the loving potential within this sacred New Moon BlessingTarot insight from DevilRx/TwoPentacles: Balance develops from the ability to understand our weakneses.

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  1. Kelton Bonham says

    There really are other options, often more and better than we see or imagine in the moment. So, hopefully, it’ll be a treasure hunt! My own inner-lady is already sparked up, and with an electric blue dress and a hand gun ready to deal with my own crap. Nobody’s going to tell me I can’t be romantically playful about the scary stuff. Crone Priceless used to tell me, “There’s one nice thing about the cold hard facts. You can depend on them!”

    Thank you, Suzi, and New Moon blessings!

  2. Thank you, these are truly awesome words Kelton! Love you friend!