Nurturing Our Need For Space | Astrology Horoscope

Nurturing Our Need For Space | Starcana Cosmic Dirt, Astrology Tarot Horoscope

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Aquarius New Moon. This new week is powerfully influenced by a powerful New Moon on Monday February 4; encouraging quietness, stillness and reflection. Maybe you’ve already felt these lunar vibes at work through an overwhelming sense of laziness, fatigue and/or an urge for rest over the last few days. In this time of idleness, how have you been feeling about the the progress of your recent goals, especially as the recent eclipse spilled emotional chaos into certain situations that closed an old door, so that a new one could open.

Under this lunar shift, it’s a splendid time for start-ups, new projects, beginnings, or even a fresh approach to an old issue. In all of this free space under a detachable Aquarian New Moon, we can nurture our thoughts and feed the needs of our heart. What do you hope for… fantasize about.. and truly wish for? How could you better communicate your heart-felt desires, in order to get closer toward your dreams? Splurge within, to plant the seeds of your New Moon intentions. Be crystal clear with your aspirations, so that you AND the Universe are crystal clear as to what you’re hungry for, and what you’re willing to do – to help create it.

It may also be helpful to know that in the Chinese Zodiac, we’re moving into the Year of the Pig, on Tuesday February 5. This can be a great year filled with luck, positivity and good fortune… unless we choose to get sloppy and waste incoming opportunities.

Changing winds blow in our favor under the optimistic Sun/Jupiter sextile and playful Mercury/Mars sextile on Thursday February 7, and the helpful Mercury/Uranus sextile on Saturday February 9. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice and toss what keeps you safe… if you hope to spread your wings and fly!

If you are not willing to be vulnerable, you are not willing to transform. Whatever does not transform is as good as dead. Sadhguru

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Mercury in Pisces. As we aim to create our intentions, Mercury will exit from free-thinking Aquarius, and settle into dreamy Pisces on Sunday February 10.  Our thoughts, communications, short journeys will travel through various waves of frequencies over the next few weeks ahead, where we’ll see and/or imagine untapped insecurities, potentials and delusions. Starcana tarot insight: Analyzing what barely hangs on by a thread.  [TenSwordsRx/KnightPentacles]. For more insight, check out Starcana February Tarotscope. Enjoy your week. ~Suzi

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