Nurturing the Inner Flame

Nurturing the Inner Flame, Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology

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Mercury, Venus enters Pisces. Information that is gained and shared will move us quickly into the unexplored during the weeks ahead. Mercury (thoughts, communications, journeys)  exits from brilliant Aquarius on Saturday March 5; to join Chiron (healing), South Node (karmic past), Neptune (imagination, divinity) and Sun (ego, spirit) – all in psychdelic Pisces – while Venus (love, money, values) also leaves Aquarius to join this water party on Saturday, March 12.

In this blanket of oceanic energy, we could feel unusually dreamy, mystified, insecure or comforted. Add a dose of vulnerability or guilt, and it may seem easier (and safer) to just stay still and not make any fast moves. And in experiencing the shifting currents, we’re more than likely to give ourselves permission to simply let go, to give up any sense of control. By volunteering in this form of sacrifice, a powerful release of flow is created; which leads us to an end of a chapter – toward the divine waves of forgiveness, acceptance, healing and transcendence.

The purpose of dancing, and of life, is to enjoy every moment and every step, regardless of where you are when the music ends. Wayne Dyer

Mars enters Sagittarius. A fresh stream of imagination, new dreams and unfamiliar roads are calling as Mars shifted on Saturday March 5, moving from strategic Scorpio to risky Sagittarius, into May. This can be a big game changer in how we start to come out from under our rocks – to chase life, fiery adventures, passionate experiences and our own purpose again.

There’s no need for us to be had back by the past or how things have been so far. The important thing is what seeds we are sowing now for the future. Daisaku Ikeda

Solar Eclipse, Pisces New Moon. With the Solar Eclipse/Pisces Super New Moon on Tuesday March 8, we can quietly experience the magical energy of cosmos – to get us to where we’re going. The March Tarotscope may share some additional insight that could benefit in direction, as the New Moon is a time for new beginnings, starting projects and creating a fresh approach toward New Moon Blessings. In Pisces, allow yourself to relax and let go… to imagine, dream and hope of opportunities, possibilities and miracles. Participate in planting seeds of intention, then live well. The energy of this solar eclipse promises to magnify emotions through a creative, yet chaotic and transformative process over the next three to six months. Doors will be closing, to open new doors.

Let yourself become living poetry. Rumi

Dream. Be enchanted with the unknown and with what is ahead. Silently gaze into this mysterious Piscean mist, without a reason to respond or react too quickly. Sensitivity, intuition and creativity is flooding in, to cleanse and replenish. There is a lot of movement going on, and it’s shifting the seen and the unseen – without much of our own input. And with all this fluency in motion, it could feel like a heavy weight is drowning our will and dowsing our inner flame – when we’re actually being challenged to reach higher to ignite our fire and passion. Create your magic. Find your light. Tarot Insight from StrengthRx/SixWands: Becoming aware of what remains by stepping away from the spotlight.

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