Oozing from the Inside Out, Total Solar Eclipse, Scorpio New Moon Astrology November 13

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As we pay careful attention to the inner and outer world, this afternoon’s cosmic event will continue to heighten our sensitivities as well as our insecurities. Have you felt this unexplained energy running through the depth of your core? Today’s New Moon at 5:08pm EST is the harmonization of the heart and the ego as Sun (identity) conjuncts Moon (emotions). This is a remarkable power day to hold ourselves in reserve, collecting of all the energy that we might normally just let go into our daily routines. By containing our powerful vibrations, we can plant a generous dose of wishes, feelings and fantasies into our little seed of intentions. By internalizing and experiencing this small seed of potentials… we can quietly watch in the coming weeks… as to what will come into manifestation.

‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.’ Rumi

This New Moon is in the seductive realm of Scorpio, making this a very powerful time to open ourselves completely to the scorpion energy of transformations, death, and rebirth. We are blindly drawn into these dark, forbidden waters – to reach for something deep within our heart and soul. In there, is where we will find what we truly need, with a great potential to bring new life to it. We are getting ready to trust ourselves and feel again. By swimming into these dark waters, we’re learning how to move forward and face the unknown. We may find ourselves ready to close our eyes (and our reasoning), to use our ‘feelers’ (heart and emotions) instead. We’re naturally straying from out of our comfort zones to shift with the flow of creativity and metamorphosis – of a new emotional cycle.

Scorpio is all about the feelings, so the more that we form our intentions around the scorpion energy, the better the potential for growth. Some areas that are ruled by Scorpio include: emotional release, reservations, catharsis, self-control, silence, endings, purging, intense passions, trust, mysteries, dark magic, cleansing, rebirth, inner resources, psychic intuition, self-reflection, death, and sex… as well as secrets, obsessions, affairs, deception, shadows and manipulation. Not only do we ‘send out’ our intentions to the universe – but we must also be ready to do the necessary footwork. Our transformative steps should resemble the scorpion who has it’s eye on it’s prey… quiet, sensual, and life changing. We must be willing to make a sacrifice, to experience the succulent, mouthwatering juices of that which we desire. To receive, we must trim. The more intense, the deeper the cut, the better – because it allows us to ‘feel’. Loyalty speaks when blood is drawn. No pain, no gain. To live, a part of us must die and be released.

‘True magic is neither black, nor white – it’s both because nature is both. Loving and cruel, all at the same time’. The Craft

This is also a special Scorpio New Moon, because it a total Solar Eclipse. This lunar energy is powerful and intense, magnifying emotions and our experiences for at least the next three to six months. Major changes, transformations, endings and new beginnings are in progress as the eclipse encourages a release. This very potent shift can feel quite stressful or even chaotic for some… but in reality, it is a natural part of evolution, which only requires surrender. New starts are right around the corner, but we must first concentrate on resolving old issues. Powerful healing and energy work are beneficial, as we remove the unhealthy, negative, and toxic from our life. This is a deep, intense cleansing, which must be felt, experienced, and memorable. Combined with the Lunar Eclipse in two weeks, there may be life changing events slowly happening in the background. As you go into this, be wise in the steps that you take in the months ahead, because you’ll most likely come out of it as a different person.

With the Sun, Moon, and Saturn in Scorpio, with a trine to healing Neptune – we can expect crusted blockage  to eventually become weathered beneath these powerful water rapids – generating fresh feelings to be explored. With Mercury retrograde squaring foggy Neptune during this ecliptic New Moon, what is being communicated may not make a lot of sense to us… or maybe we’re just not ready for it.

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