Starcana Cosmic Dirt ⭐️ Weekly Energy Forecast

Expanding One Brick At A Time

Vibrations are going to shift considerably as abundant Jupiter exits from adventurous Sagittarius (after a one year transit), to join Venus, Saturn and Pluto in the ambitious realm of Capricorn, Monday December 2. During the next twelve months with Jupiter in Capricorn, we're bound to expand in some way, in areas of reputation, status, career, business, government, finances, family, tradition, real estate, property, education, religion and/or manufacturing. It’s not going to be easy, as we’re bound to run into some restrictive walls, unexpected detours and karmic lessons... as a way to ensure that we’re being responsible (and accountable) for what (and where) we intend to grow. Have you figured out what this might be? When you’re a … [Read More...]

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