Playing with Fire, Mars enters Sagittarius

Mars in SagittariusMercury enters Libra. As we’ve been releasing the emotional hype from last week’s Pisces Full Moon, Mercury (the communication expert) moved into relatable Libra. Thoughts and words are getting clearer, allowing us to look for peaceful ways to ‘partner up’ and stay connected. And despite what we think we already know, we’re encouraged to stay open-minded, to avoid passing judgments. Breathe in fresh inspirations. Exhale the surplus. Be fair and kind with others, as well as fair and kind with ourselves. Balance is the keyword for the next few weeks.

Breathe in fresh inspirations. Exhale the surplus.

Venus enters Virgo. Venus (ruler of Libra) shifted, waving a polite buh-bye to flamboyant Leo as she moved into reserved Virgo for the rest of September. Venus and Virgo provide us with beautifully grounded energy, bringing us back to earth and to the presnt moment. Helping and servicing others will be a natural hands-on gesture.

Venus rules love, money, and values – and she abolutely loves to share and do everything together – so we’ll get to see some positive manifestations this month. She’s delighted to please us with love, affection and material gifts. And since everything is always shared and done together, she will be waiting for something in return. In penny-pinching Virgo, we’ll get our fair share, although a meticulous eye is keeping score of how much each individual invests. Some will be a little more careful to not overextend themselves. Yet in this mutual reception, communications (Mercury) that regard our possessions and relationships (Venus) will be calling for our attention.

This world is but a canvas to our imaginations. Henry David Thoreau

Mars enters Sagittarius. Mars, the planet of energy recently changed signs over the weekend; moving his revved engines from secretive Scorpio, into adventurous Sagittarius. This red-hot ball of Mars is much more excitable and spontaneous in Sadge’s fiery realm. Sagittarius is all about galloping through life and having fun. This will connect us with outdoor living, athletic games and sports, the great wide open, and the experience for higher learning. And with all this new space and freedom, Mars (and us) will gain a lot more room to explore and grow.

The cosmos have turned up the heat, so for the next six weeks of this Sagittarian Mars transit, pay attention to how hot and inflamed life can get. Enthusiasm with raw energy will be in abundance. And if we’re willing to play with a little fire, we can break onto new boundaries.. experiencing much more freedom through movement, travel and inner journeys. A new competitive edge is available to us, and this can motivate us to try and push much harder – as we learn how to assert ourselves physically, sexually, and spiritually. And as we cross onto higher frequencies, we can create a fresh meaning to our existence and life purpose.

In the shadow of Sagittarius Mars, a need for high speed develops, which can encourage a surplus of ego – opening doors to impatience, anger, and entitlement. This could lead to heated disagreements, poor judgment, accidents, physical burnouts, fire storms, bullying and even violent behavior.

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. Pablo Picasso

Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) is in Leo, which offers a tremendous boost for courage and confidence.. quite similar to the little engine who could. It’s time to pave new roads of wonder, to put dreams into action, and to make life happen! Weekly Tarot Toss: FiveWandsrx/KingCupsrx.. Unresolved emotions brew limitations. 

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