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Starcana Astrology Tarot Metaphysical Library

My office and library of the astrological, mystical, metaphysical, spiritual and practical.

Creative Owner/Operator of Starcana Inc. and all text and image content are owned and created by myself, Suzi Dronzek, Starcana Inc. My business is operated and based in Pennsylvania, and registered as an incorporated sole proprietorship since 2001, but I’ve been in business for myself since 1995. prides itself on integrity and ethical business standards, while providing service that is honest, friendly, and nonjudgmental. Customer information is always respected, kept private, and never sold. Rates are kept fair and reasonable, to compensate for time and energy of service.

Over 40 years of metaphysical practice, freelancing since 1987, self-employed with professional services since 1995, and owner/CEO of Starcana, Inc.

Services: Starcana Inc provides a professional service with intuitive consultations, for personalized answers, insight, and guidance. Other services include meditation lessons, and creative consulting and design. Starcana provides private readings that are available by phone, email, in-person, local face to face consultations, live party entertainment, with astrological report services. A combination of various tools are used per each session; intuitive energy vibrations, astrological advice, tarot guidance, numerology, with metaphysical arts and spirituality. Informational services are supplied for individual needs in various levels:

  • Readings deliver intuitive knowledge, blended with logic, in order to demystify confusion, and to confirm answers, create clarity, and inspire fresh outlooks. Starcana readings illuminate hidden shadows with light and truth, for realistic solutions and responsible behavior.
  • Guidance is the next level from readings. Ethical advice and practical direction are provided for those who seek deeper understanding and alternative options for life guidance, personal growth, relationship compatibility, and spiritual enrichment, while guiding highest potential for all involved.
  • Mentoring is an extension from the readings, for students learning self-awareness. Intellectual sessions are continued conversations for those who seek spiritual development, encouragement, and motivation through self-realization, personal development, and self-transformation.
  • Maintenance aims to mentor and empower seekers, to create happiness and peace in the world. By enhancing self-awareness, mindfulness, and intention through learned knowledge, clients are encouraged and educated to help themselves, to maintain wellness for mind, body, and spirit. also shares valuable time and energy by supplying free astrological insights, because of a genuine life purpose to service others. Personalized consultations are also available through private, compensated sessions.

Education, Skills, and Training  Psychic abilities developed naturally from childhood years from dreams, weather, supernatural and paranormal experiences, and so on.  Self-study with books, while self-taught through personal practice in the metaphysical arts.

  • 1984-1986 Associates Degree, Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Specialized Technology, Visual Communications, Graphic Design.
  • 1986-1995 Graphic Designer, Tribune-Review Newspaper, LK Graphics Advertising, Myers & Associates Advertising Agency
  • 1995- Self-Employed Artist, Left corporate world for my own freelance business, advertising, marketing, customer service, billing.
  • 1995 -2006 Professional Psychic / Independent Contractor: Psychic Readers Network, Psychic Friends, Psychic Source, Kenny Kingston, Mother Love.
  • 2001- Registered as an LLC, business incorporated, sole proprietorship for art and design services, and consultations.
  • 2002-, Creator & Owner. Developed interest to learn html web design, search engines, internet business, promotion.
  • 2006 Curb Magazine – Guest Writer, Astrology Columnist.
  • 2006 Meta Creative Magazine – Guest Writer, Astrology Columnist.
  • 2006 eHarmony Guest Writer, Astrology Columnist.
  • 2007- Public Figure, Came out of ‘the psychic closet’ as the anonymous ‘Starcana’, to Suzi Dronzek.
  • 2007-2009 Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival / Soothsayer Psychic Readings Booth Performed as the Fair’s Reader and Soothsayer, entertaining the crowd with psychic readings, the tarot, astrology, and more for the local Greensburg Pittsburgh area.
  • 2007- Local Psychic Entertainer, Psychic party entertainment, group readings, fundraisers, celebrations, paranormal events, etc.
  • 2007- Energy Healing/Reiki Practitioner, Usui System of Natural Healing, Energy Connection Creative Healing Center.
  • 2008-2010 Astrological Happenings Blog~ Started my own blog, learning how to write about astrological happenings.
  • 2009-2012 Astrolome Guest Astrology Blogger for Personalized Horoscope Website and App
  • 2009- 2017 American Federation of Astrologers, Associate Member
  • 2009-2010 AstroCreeps & Tarot Freaks – Co-Creator, Member, Graphic Artist for website, artwork, blog & forum.
  • 2010- Earth Speaks Blog ~ Originally was named ‘Intuitive Vibrations’ for my own personal psychic experiences. Updated the name to ‘Earth Speaks’ to reflect the extreme ‘psychic’ sensitivities that I was developing intimately with earth and her weather – like a human tuning fork. Live earthquake tremors are logged and dated as they come in, and days later my ‘feelings & senses’ proved to be true.
  • 2010- Daily Cosmic Dirt Blog ~ Daily planetary weather blog, with horoscope of the cosmos, and astrological insight.
  • 2010- Astrology King – Jamie Partridge is a Professional Astrologer who became my ‘virtual witness’ of my earth/weather sensitivities blog, sharing my earthquake ‘Ring of Fire’ insights and experiences on his Pluto Retrograde article.
  • 2010-2011 MoonGlow Yoga Yoga Teacher Certification, Yoga Alliance Certification Program 200 RYT, Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa, Meditation. Extending my work and business toward stress manangement and holistic well-being for mind, body, and spirit.
  • 20011- Registered CEO of Starcana Inc Registered business name and corporation, with sole proprietorship.
  • 2012- Website Redesign Extreme makeover from the old HTML design.
  • 2013- Cosmic Dirt Blog updates to a weekly publication.
  • 2013-2016 CrooksandLiars, Guest Writer, Astrology Columnist.


Professional Organizations: 2009 Associate Member of American Federation of Astrologers, Member and Mentor of the American Tarot Association, BBB Business Review.

Mission: To enlighten, guide, and illuminate shadows with light. I encourage awareness, mindfulness, and direction toward highest potential. To help others to help themselves. I continue to learn and educate myself, and those who have an interest, in the field of mind, body, and spirit wellness. Mentoring others for self-help and personal development through the energy of the cosmos and spirituality for a more enriched life, is meaningful to my life purpose, personally and professionally.

Better Business Bureau, Greensburg PA“My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to take these great people we have and to push them and make them even better.”  Steve Jobs

Honors & Awards: A variety for my commercial art and graphic design work, for best layout concepts, best front page designs, best created inserts, best creative ads, and best use of color. Then used my artistic talents and promotion skills to design and build my professional business and website.

Future Plans: To continue learning and studying, so that I may be of assistance to help others. I recently became certified as a Yoga Teacher, and while I am self-taught in astrology, I would like to advance my learnings. As I continue to follow a path and find my way, I have plans to eventually publish – so that I may continue to teach and help others, to help themselves.

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” Picasso