In-Person Tarot Card Readings, Tarot Parties

Intuitive Psychic Readings, Greensburg Pennsylvania, PA, Psychic reading party entertainment for small groups, parties, events, and fundraisers by Suzi Dronzek, Intuitive Reader, Greensburg PA.

Untouched images, two different angles from two separate cameras of an orb hovering over my forehead /third eye during a local tarot party.

Intuitive tarot card readings are available for local party entertainment in the Greensburg Pennsylvania area. This ‘in-person’ service is for those who prefer the ‘face-to-face’ experience of the ‘one on one’ reading. As I do with my phone and email readings, I work with intuitive energy, tarot cards, astrology and transits, numerology, spirituality and other divination tools (not palms), with down-to-earth advice and guidance for real solutions.

Tarot card readings delivered to the comforts of your location! 

PAUSED: *In-person* reading services are currently unavailable with the uncertainty of the covid-19 virus. If you’d still like an intuitive reading, please experience my readings by phone and email from the comfort of your home! Thank you for your understanding and support. Suzi xx


Enjoy intuitive tarot reading entertainment for insight on life, love, general relationships, work, career, spiritual enrichment, direction  and more. Get educated, while also having fun!

  • SMALL GROUP: 3 to 5 persons, 30 minutes each.. 50.00 per person
  • LARGE PARTIES: 5 -7 minute mini readings …….. 100.00 per hour

Terms of Service
• Readings are for adult entertainment only, Must be 18+
• In-person readings delivered to the comfort of your location, 12 mile radius of Greensburg PA.
• An additional fee for travel, time & distance may incurred if outside of the local area. 
• I ask for a week notice in advance, as I have a very busy schedule.
• I request a private room with a small table and two chairs.
• I don’t carry cash for change, please have correct payment available.
• Readings are free; You’re purchasing my time; and time can not be refunded.
• I reserve the right to cancel appointments for emergencies and unsafe weather.
• To book a party, I need: party date, time & location with number of guests.
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