Pursuing Life, Sun enters Aries

Astrology, Pursuing Life, Sun in Aries, Inner CompassA long cycle comes to a close as powerful Sun moves out from the sensitive waters of Pisces, and enters the fiery flames of pioneering Aries on March 20. As the Sun shines brilliantly in this transformative light, this cosmic shift will offer a burst of energy during the next four weeks.

Cardinal energies are highly activated now, including next month’s Grand Cross and Eclipses. Action with change are on the rise. On one end, some will experience an increase with mojo, fearlessness, and daredevil confidence. Other’s can become more arrogant, angry, and aggressive. This inner radiance triggers brave steps into the unknown – which leads to brand new starts and fresh exciting beginnings, which is ideal for the Spring Equinox. And like those young seedlings that reach from the darkness for sunshine and new life; we are also reaching for new life. We’re taking control, to make it happen. These cosmic vibrations set motion to a much needed change, with the potential of the starting something really big, or something completely ‘off the wall’ with innovative Uranus in Aries. With the South Node also in Aries, we may be encouraged to remain right where we are, which can stunt growth. This new cycle is about reaching outside of ourselves, for others… using self-reliance and individual uniqueness.

I am the miracle. Buddha

With new awareness received from the recent Virgo Full Moon, we’re releasing doubts and confusing emotions. And waiting to be discovered in the near distance, are interesting projects, new work opportunities, and a new confident you. But of course, none of this is going to happen all by itself.. so we must step away from regular routines – in order to create our dream, or maybe re-approach our New Year resolution. Be sure not to put too much pressure on yourself if you should run into obstacles, blocks, or lack of energy. With Mars and Saturn retrograde, it’s best to pace ourselves now, so that we can be fully prepared and certain that we’re heading in the right direction. So do pursue, just to begin. We can always redesign and finesse later.

When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard’, I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?’ Sydney J. Harris

In honor of the energy of new beginings, along with Spring Equinox, International Astrology day, and the Sun in Aries, strive to connect with your inner compass. Intuitively listen to the calling in your heart, to find motivation for this new journey. And if you’re ready, you can recreate a brand new passion that allows you to indulge in your hunger for life. Tarot insight from NinePentaclesrx/KingPentaclesrx: Despite the weaknesses and cracks, we’re still holding on.

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