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Questionable Self-Reflection | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology & Tarot

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Many continue to be vibrating from the turbulent energy of last week’s altruistic Aquarian Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Trying to stay balanced during this emotional roller coaster of ups and downs can be a struggle, especially as the Solar Eclipse continues to fuel up. Breakdowns are bound to happen as communications shift into an overdrive of funk with Mercury Retrograde happening for the rest of this month. Misinterpretations, misunderstandings and mishaps tend to unfold during this unstable cycle.

By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth. George Carlin

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What has been ‘botched’ or ‘badly mismanaged’ will usually alert us under this unpredicted cosmic weather. And more often than not, our thoughts and words can become twisted; conveniently getting in the way of our normal routine. Consequently, if we can allow ourselves to become a little broken and discombobulated during this period, we might actually be able to re-wire what originally became criss-crossed; in order to heal what got lost in translation. You can read more about what happens as Mercury seems to shift into reverse.

We don’t attract who we want. We attract who we are. John C Maxwell

In general, the majority are dealing with a lot right now. What’s happening in the news, around the world, in our country and in nearby neighborhoods is more than enough proof of major transformations waiting to be born. So as each of us are working with our own ‘stuff’, it’s so incredibly important that *each of us* are able to remain considerate and respectful toward each other – who also have their own ‘stuff’ to deal with.

Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back. Thomas Sowell

Kindness really does matter, and especially as expansive Jupiter transits peace-seeking Libra. If we’ve slip and become sloppy, arrogant or entitled – rather than sharing and caring – in personal relationships, friendships, romantic affairs, marriage, family and/or business partnerships – the weighing karmic scales will equally distribute, what’s been rightfully earned. And whatever is received – lessons or blessings – will surely be honest, fair and deserving, in order to create a much greater balance.

So as some will still feel the emotional effects bubbling over from last week’s eclipse – astrological aspects in this new week shouldn’t be quite as dramatic. Yet, without some sort of inner adjustment through awareness and mindfulness; the floodgates just might mysteriously become unlocked with the seductive Venus/Pluto opposition on Tuesday August 15, and a slushy Venus/Jupiter square on Thursday August 17 – unleashing the Kraken. And with Venus (the ruler of Taurus and Libra), ruling values, love and money – these signs and areas will be the most sensitive and affected – as a deep cleanse awaits.

Release the Kraken! Liam Neeson

With a mindful pause in this Mercury retrograde cycle, we can utilize this time to reflect and re-examine our past patterns – which have brought us these current results… to the road that we’ve been following. How has your choices been working out for you? Are you pleased with this path? We can wonder, or we can wander off… as we’re the only one who can understand who and what will speak to our soul.

We might get a little insight with Venus in gentle Cancer, where big-heartedness becomes more of a necessity in our lives. If one should doubt this – look at the atrocity that is happening in the current news, or possibly in your personal small circle at home, or at your work. Individual hearts are trying to receive something kind and supportive. Perhaps this may be little consideration, sympathy or a gentle touch from a caring soul. 

For a better understanding of our issues, we can always inquire within for a much higher guidance as Jupiter (fortune, purpose) transits Libra (love, general, business relationships). I shared a few sample questions that can be used to get the heart pumping, which can stimulate a foggy brain. We can step back, to review and re-figure current issues for a possible resolution during Mercury Retrograde – by humbly asking ourselves: 

• How have I participated in this particular issue?
• What have I realistically invested?
• What can I do, to create balance and improve peace?       
Energy for growth is increasing with a friendly Mars/Jupiter sextile on Sunday August 20; which is the day before the Leo New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Intentions will be highly driven to chase and hunt what is most desired and fulfilling. We may need to remember and re-examine (Mercury Retrograde) what is genuinely missing from our hearts; in order to understand the best course of action. Are we hunting for what is instant self-gratification; just to win and capture a trophy? Or are we hunting for a long-lasting solution for all; which can lead our beloved tribe safely through troubled waters? Your August Tarotscope could prove to hold some guidance during these murky times. Choose wisely dear friends, and have a peaceful week. Starcana weekly tarot: Learning what is important through loss [FivePents/KnightPents].

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