Reach Out and Give Thanks. Words are optional.

Reach out and touch a heart.Mercury will finish November in the dark, transformative waters of Scorpio. Mentally we’ve been intense, and the dark roads that we travel on inwardly, can still seep into our words and approach. Understanding this, remember to be mindful and kind. Mercury will aspect Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter this week, which will allow an easy breezy flow to our busy thoughts, errands, communications, socializing, and short journeys. Considering the ‘busy-ness’ and kick-off season to the holidays, this can be very beneficial with Mercury mentally capable of multi-tasking and handling many projects at one time. Our interest for movement and speed should be noticeably active, while encouraging us to reach out with some of our social skills. But with Mercury in fixed Scorpio, we could be too focused on the destination and gaining control, while losing the concept of gaining ideas and connecting with others. Focus on the journey, and those who keep you company along the way.

The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway. Henry Boye

With the Mercury/Saturn conjunction on Monday evening, a strong sense of seriousness will be determined to win us over. From this, we can get to know timing through patience and mental determination. This is positive energy for business meetings, as well as for prioritizing our responsibilities, while getting duties and paperwork into order. But the heavy weight of Saturn can cause limitations and sense of depression – if we allow gray clouds to intercept our day. Be prepared with to-do list.

Mercury and Venus harmonize on Wednesday evening, pleasantly engaging us in thoughtful, amiable conversations, including cooperative connections with our values, money, and relationships. As Mercury/Jupiter trines in the wee morning hours on Thursday, we can comprehend what is being translated, now that Mercury is direct. With a Venus/Jupiter opposition right around the corner on this day of thanks, there’s a chance that we could go overboard with what what we’re trying to attain. Curb cravings at the dinner table, but also with self-serving conversations. In this day of thanks, simply reach out in order to touch a heart. Give thanks.. but words are optional. Good manners mixed with a ‘gratitude attitude’ will score the most points. Extend your heart with gratitude this week. Reach out and give thanks, by lending a hand. Be grateful, be helpful. Words are optional, but not necessary.

Let’s trade in all our judging for appreciating. Let’s lay down our righteousness and just be together. Ram Dass

There’s an unexpected positive shift with Saturday afternoon’s Sun/Uranus trine. The winds change direction, and we manage to rediscover a missing piece of ourselves. Electricity fills the air, and we’re excited to jump forward into the unknown. Popularity is gained through being an original, and being a fine example of the truth.

If you think you are enlightened; go home for Thanksgiving. Ram Dass

Tarot insight from SixWandsrx/FourPentacles: Failures secure our walls.


My Gratitude List. I appreciate all that is received, but I am most grateful for: the breath that gives life… the water that quenches thirst… the warmth in a meal, shelter, and hard work… and a love that strengthens and protects. I am thankful for the professional and personal blessings that I continue to receive. I am thankful for the inspiration I receive from my awesome clients and social networking friends, but also for the words of encouragement from my loyal readers. I am thankful for my hardworking husband and loving soulmate Joe, our ambitious and dedicated son Josh, and our dog and my best friend Charley. I am thankful for the good health that we’ve been blessed with. I am thankful for our passion and commitment to work hard, which allows us to bond as a family, yet grow as individuals. I am thankful for my spirituality and sense of humor that keeps me sane. I am thankful for the sunshine on my journey, the helpful strangers along the way, and kind friends from a distance who I’ve been honored to touch hearts with. I’m especially thankful for the many hard falls I’ve experienced, because in return, I’ve been taught the language of the cosmos, which helped me rise over and over again. I am thankful for the soulful bond that I have with my best friend and her family, as well as for yoga, meditation, long walks, music, books, nature, kindness, art, inner wellness, and the return of my smile. And I am most thankful for the gods and goddesses who love and watch over us, every single day. May you and yours experience a warm and loving Happy Thanksgiving… and wishing my friends and those who celebrate, a Happy Hanukah.

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