ReAdjust Your Thinking Cap, Mercury Station Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde, Adjust Your Thinking Cap

Mercury the ‘Communication Expert’ stations retrograde on Thursday afternoon. What this basically means, is that for the next three weeks, Mercury will ‘appear’ to be moving backwards. In this ‘reversed’ cycle, our thoughts, communications, and short journeys will also be influenced by this backwards motion. This retrograde period can generally be quite confusing for some, as well as mistakenly wrong for others.

Depending on each of our individual situations, astrological charts, and personal growth, 

Mercury retrograde isn’t always the most friendliest in timing. This is why it’s extremely important to pay special attention to what is actually happening around us, but more importantly within ourselves, which can mislead us from our path. Otherwise, it can get downright disturbing if we sit back and do nothing, or if we choose to feed on illegitimate excuses, that can cause us to repeat our faulty ways.

The only reason it is continually placed before you is because you have been ignoring it for so long. Guru Singh

Life as we see it, will temporarily be put on pause in the weeks ahead. Thoughts will shift into reverse, and have us bumping into individuals from our past. We can also revisit our memories, including those that hold unresolved situations, with the same old problems. Our voice and words will also be in the midst of changing direction during this cycle. Some may withdraw, to avoid sharing their thoughts. And those who are determined enough to speak their mind, can find much difficulty in finding the correct words and right approach. And if we lack patience and awareness with what we’re sharing, many of us will re-enter those issues of misunderstandings and disagreements, which can indulge in breakdowns with communications, that also include with phones, faxes, voicemails, letter writings, electrial appliances, computers, vehicles, and heavy machinery.

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it. Eckhart Tolle

This journey can get pretty bumpy on it’s course, but this is the intention of this naughty little trickster. Mercury is the winged messenger, who’s always busy, shifting and changing directions, in order to transmit and deliver messages. There’s always too much happening, that requires our thoughts to be quick and active, especially when a speedy response is necessary for change of directions. So comforting us is not his specialty. In this particular timing, we can rehash and raise an old argument from the dead, we can clumsily drop and break our phone, possibly drown in excess paperwork, suffer from techie toy and computer issues, lose voicemails and messages, experience numerous disconnects and bad connections, have appliances behaving badly, or witness a vehicle problem that returns to life. Whatever requires our undivided attention and a resolution – we’ll be hearing something (or someone) calling for our attention, whether that be an unusual banging, screeching, squealing, whistling, etc.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Albert Einstein

It’s a good time to get over the fear of Mercury Retrograde. Rather than let life happen to you, re-adjust your thinking cap instead. Use this time to address that same ole dilemma, and take care of it, once and for all. If we can embrace this particular energy, we can utilize it to help us re-think, re-correct, and re-step our approach. Rather than relax with whatever pattern we’ve fallen back into, use this as an opportunity to re-figure and re-learn, to re-create intentions. This can be mighty helpful with the Aquarian New Moon. This is a valuable time to re-trace and re-calculateour steps, to find the real problem, and re-think genuine solutions. But should we fail to re-scramble our personal life riddle, we can fall victim to its shadows that leave us hyper, fidgety, anxious, worrisome, and losing sleep. Where you’ve become discombobulated and mindfully numb – readjust the way you’ve been thinking. For more about Mercury Retrograde, click here. Today’s tarot insight comes from Chariot/Strength: Move with courage.

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