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Receiving a Return  | Starcana Cosmic Dirt, Astrology Tarot Horoscope

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Attractions seem to be beaming during this week’s energy – with the fortunate Sun/Jupiter trine on Wednesday August 7, and the gracious Venus/Jupiter trine on Thursday August 8. Self-confidence, positivity, education, travel, relationships and finances are illuminated in this cosmic spotlight. Are you ready to receive? Starcana weekly tarot insight: Finding stillness in the chaos. [FourSwords/EightSwords]. For additional insight, don’t forget to check out your monthly tarot card in the August Tarotscope.  Peace. ~Suzi

Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you. Remember, life is an echo. It always gets back to you. So give goodness. Unknown

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Wandering onto roads less traveled, my wild heart was called to the path of a Psychic Intuitive. Graced with dirt & stardust, I work with intuition, tarot, astrology, spirituality, energy sensitivity & other divination tools; to help those who seek insight, advice and guidance. ❤


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